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New Logo Preview

Posted: February 16, 2019 by Isaac Cross in Art

Guest Post: “Paintball” by Moonbeam123

Posted: February 2, 2015 by Isaac Cross in Art, Guest Posts

Editor’s Note: It is no great secret that I love needle play. It is my favorite thing either as a top or bottom. But I’ve been doing it for so long (nearly a decade now) that I sometimes forget the fear and exhilaration of the first time. Luckily, every now and then I have the opportunity to provide the experience of a first needle to someone else, to share with them the joy of my favorite kink. After one such occasion, the lovely Moonbeam123 wrote about it. I loved the writing and got her permission to repost it here because I think it is great window into needle play for those who haven’t, yet experienced it, as well as a look back at how many of us felt that first time. Enjoy. +Cross

by Moonbeam123
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You get up on this table right? And the whole time you are thinking to yourself. I love pain. But this? And you strip to your panties. A state even some boyfriends never saw you in. And you lay down on the table. He puts on these gloves. Blue surgical gloves. That’s one of the best parts. Then he grabs the box- and you just know. Know what’s to come. And as he opens it. Your heart freezes. And you debate calling it quits but something inside you tells you stay. So you do, because that second voice- it’s louder more desperate. Deeper. Stronger- more innately you. So you lay there. (more…)

Art Thursday: “Yes, Sir. I Would Love To”

Posted: August 21, 2014 by Isaac Cross in Art

This week, I wanted to share something that I read a few weeks ago on Fetlife. I really enjoyed the presentation of a common phrase and the depth of meaning living behind it. You can find the writer at Her Blog or over on Tumblr. Enjoy.

Re-posted here with permission of the author. 


i would love to …

(trust) wear that dress for you today … grow my hair longer … leave the panties at home so we both can think about that all day until we’re together again … throw away that eyeshadow since you hate the color of it on me so much …

(care) pack your lunch every day so i know you’re eating healthy … ensure your schedule is free at that special time every weekend so you can enjoy your alone time … sit at your feet with your fingers in my hair while you read … refill your iced tea … give you a back rub when it hurts … and when it doesn’t … be your safe place to be yourself, no matter how that might look to anyone else … read the book you think i should because it will help me … ensure your office mates are remembered on birthdays and holidays … sew on that button that’s missing from your favorite shirt …

(serve) always have healthy food choices available because your health matters to me … carefully dust that shelf of silly knicknacks you have because each one is a memory from your mom and your grandma and your aunt from your childhood …

(honor) send you the daily report you request because i know it’s to help me … work on my weaknesses because i want to make you proud of me … say i’m sorry when i am wrong, and mean it … make you laugh … drop to my knees, now … strive to be what you need at every moment, because doing so is what i need too …

(cherish) meet your gaze from across the room at that party and know exactly what to do … never wear that color again … throw away my favorite comfy shirt because it does have 1,000 holes in it and i can get another comfy shirt that doesn’t … stop putting myself down, even as a joke … be forced to be serious when i go to humor to avoid that topic … surprise you with breakfast in bed … follow you because i know you’re going there for a reason that i might not be able to see … recognize that ceding to you frees me to be seen completely and deeply for the first time in my life and wanted and accepted anyhow …


yes, Sir. i would love to.

Art Thursday: Nancy Peach’s Oil Paintings

Posted: August 7, 2014 by Isaac Cross in Art


For this weeks, Art Thursday, I wanted to reach out and look for some more traditional art, so I asked around looking for artists who working with paint and canvass, and several people recommended Nancy Peach, and I can certainly see why.

20120915164550-Choe_on_Fire_with_Type (more…)

Art Thursday: Lindsay Sterling’s Transcendence

Posted: July 31, 2014 by Isaac Cross in Art

For this week, I decided to share with you all some music from one of my favorite artists, Lindsay Sterling. This is actually an older song of hers that she had previously made a music video for, but she decided to remake the music video in collaboration with a really truly awesome and inspiring group called the “Landfill Harmonic”. I love music, I love the video, and I love the message. Be sure to watch all the way through Lindsay’s little speech at the end.

Art Thursday ~ Where Are The Words?

Posted: July 24, 2014 by Isaac Cross in Art



It’s Thursday, so here is an original poem by Raven of girlraven.

Please click the photo to view the original post as well as others by Raven.


where are the words?

I cannot write
Where are the words?
Yet I see her there
She kneels hungrily
Craving what He has
To offer to a girl
Her body aches for pain
Yearns for this discipline
Where are the paragraphs
That show how she needs
To be taken and used
The emotions that fill
Every fibre as she pleases
One, a Man that owns her
Where are the letters
The ones that form
To tell the reader
How she wants His arms
That precious hold
Protecting her, her safety
The same arms that cradle
As her sated body comes
Back down from the highs
The heights He has shown
Shown a girl that wants
To learn, to serve Him
Where is the story
That tells the tale
Of hunger, lust
Desire passion and need
Will it be told
And will it be heard
Waiting for the block
To clear, to give release
So words can be written
Of orgasmic delights
Sweet agony
Moments of bliss
When two share their
Own selves to bond
Join, fuck, take, connect
Be lost in all they are
Her needs to serve a Dominant
His wants for one to please Him
Will the words express
All she can be for One
A pet, a slut, a babygirl
and everything in between
Just a submissive girl
Whose story is lost
for she cannot
Find her words
~ button* ~

Art Thursday

Posted: July 17, 2014 by Isaac Cross in Art

Today, I would like to share with you all an amazing short film by (produced, written, and starring) Ruby Rose titled “Break Free”. It always amazes me when artists are able to put so much into something without the need for words, dialogue, or overt explanation. The visual stands all on its own and is really powerful.

Ruby Rose is an Australian Model, DJ, Actress, and generally amazing person. She came out as a lesbian when she was 12 and was repeatedly assaulted by classmates, including being hospitalized at the age of 16. For two years straight, she was recognized as one of the 25 most influential gay/lesbian Australians. Her wikipedia page is here if you want to know more about her.

Oh yeah, and did you ever read any books by Roald Dahl? (Best known for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) Well, Rose is engaged to be married to his granddaughter, clothing designer Phoebe Dahl.

So here’s the video, enjoy.