Art Thursday: “Yes, Sir. I Would Love To”

Posted: August 21, 2014 by Isaac Cross in Art

This week, I wanted to share something that I read a few weeks ago on Fetlife. I really enjoyed the presentation of a common phrase and the depth of meaning living behind it. You can find the writer at Her Blog or over on Tumblr. Enjoy.

Re-posted here with permission of the author. 


i would love to …

(trust) wear that dress for you today … grow my hair longer … leave the panties at home so we both can think about that all day until we’re together again … throw away that eyeshadow since you hate the color of it on me so much …

(care) pack your lunch every day so i know you’re eating healthy … ensure your schedule is free at that special time every weekend so you can enjoy your alone time … sit at your feet with your fingers in my hair while you read … refill your iced tea … give you a back rub when it hurts … and when it doesn’t … be your safe place to be yourself, no matter how that might look to anyone else … read the book you think i should because it will help me … ensure your office mates are remembered on birthdays and holidays … sew on that button that’s missing from your favorite shirt …

(serve) always have healthy food choices available because your health matters to me … carefully dust that shelf of silly knicknacks you have because each one is a memory from your mom and your grandma and your aunt from your childhood …

(honor) send you the daily report you request because i know it’s to help me … work on my weaknesses because i want to make you proud of me … say i’m sorry when i am wrong, and mean it … make you laugh … drop to my knees, now … strive to be what you need at every moment, because doing so is what i need too …

(cherish) meet your gaze from across the room at that party and know exactly what to do … never wear that color again … throw away my favorite comfy shirt because it does have 1,000 holes in it and i can get another comfy shirt that doesn’t … stop putting myself down, even as a joke … be forced to be serious when i go to humor to avoid that topic … surprise you with breakfast in bed … follow you because i know you’re going there for a reason that i might not be able to see … recognize that ceding to you frees me to be seen completely and deeply for the first time in my life and wanted and accepted anyhow …


yes, Sir. i would love to.

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