The Toybag Guide to Parties & Events

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The Toybag Guide to Parties & Events

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A pansexual, pan-orientation primer to the social and political aspects of the leather lifestyle. For the first-time attendee, it answers pressing questions: What is a dungeon party? A munch? A leather conference? A sash competition? What should attendees expect to find there? What’s the etiquette for how to dress, how to act, how to meet people?

For the more experienced event veteran, ready to start creating his or her own events, it gives a template for creating and running safe, fun, financially sound events – including: setting goals for the event (fun? profit? social advancement? political visibility?). Includes:

  • Checklists for food, supplies and equipment
  • Advice on dealing with law enforcement and neighbors
  • Building a great guest list
  • Finding and keeping good volunteers
  • Having fun at your own event
  • and much more

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