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An Interesting New Milestone

Posted: April 30, 2014 by Isaac Cross in Uncategorized

I have been in the public BDSM community for 8 years. I started teaching about 5 years ago, and I have been running this website for about 4 years.

A few months ago, one of my articles, (SSC vs RACK) was cited in an academic research paper published in a law journal based out of the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

That’s just really, really cool. Over the years, my work has been referenced by wikipedia, other blogs, and various other websites, but this is the first time (that I know of) that I have appeared in an actual, physical publication. (more…)

As I do from time to time, I am re-posting a work by another author who is more qualified than I am on a subject that is both timely and of high importance. This was originally posted on, and I wanted it to be out here where people can see it without a password. 

So here it is, posted with permission of the author, Rigel, who asked me to simply link to, where people can find lots of great articles on various challenges of the BDSM lifestyle. It is a website I highly recommend. I have done my best to preserve the original formatting. 

You are Not the Police: The Hazards of Investigating Consent or Abuse Allegations Within the Scene
by Rigel,


Understanding the Utah Polygamy Ruling

Posted: April 11, 2014 by Isaac Cross in Uncategorized

In December of 2013, a federal Judge in Utah struck down a portion of the state’s polygamy prohibition, and basically decriminalized poly households.

I know I am, like, four months late on this, but I just saw a very long online discussion where pretty much everyone was confused as to what this meant, so I thought I would try and help as someone who has worked in a variety of different roles around issues of marriage equality and other modern rights issues.

The disclaimer is that, while I have a lot of experience with these issues, I am not a lawyer and nothing here should be taken as legal advice.

(HEY! By the way, if you want a really awesome book about all sorts of non-monogamous relationships, check out my BOOKSHELF PAGE for a book called “Opening Up” by Tristan Taormino. It’s really good.)

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