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Looking for a play partner ?

By gypsycowgirl (FetLife)

* Re-posted with permission

I want to briefly touch on something I see posted on Fet all the time. People looking for play partners: a top, a bottom, a Dom, a sub, a casual thing, maybe a long term relationship.

As a woman on Fet my profile attracts a lot of people with foot fetishes, it’s just the nature of the game (and my pictures). I frequently have people contact me looking for someone willing to indulge in foot fetish play. I don’t particularly have a foot fetish, (mine is actually stockings and heels) but my profile attract people who do and that’s okay.

I get that people are looking to fulfill their particular fetish, but how about doing some basic investigating first. If someone actually took the time to get to know me, they would find out I don’t really think my feet are pretty. Do they still look great in fishnet stockings and a stiletto; you can be the judge. Believe it or not, the thought of surrendering my feet to someone is much harder to wrap my brain around than the thought of actually having sex with someone….. Weird, I know. (more…)

Breaking Up With Vanilla Sex

Posted: April 13, 2016 by Jordyn in Uncategorized

Last night after browsing loads of tumblr porn, I had an epiphany. Y’know. Like you do after looking at porn. But the epiphany needs a little back story.

For…a while now, I’ve been feeling a big shift in my sexual desire. In that I’ve had relatively little of it. Sort of. I’ve had plenty of urging to orgasm, to masturbate and play with toys and look at porn. But I haven’t had a ton of desire to mesh squishy body parts with people…. Sort of. If asked, I would still say yes, I’d have sex everyday if I could. If someone brings up the idea, I’m often into it. But there’s been something about it I’ve never felt before. A sense of work. Perhaps even… boredom? (I apologize now for ellipsis abuse. Just relax and let it happen). It’s this, “been here, done that, got the t shirt, the frustration, the giggles, the orgasms, the sexy feels and happy, sweaty exertions”. I have done it in a house, I have done it with a mouse, I have done it in a box, I have done it with a fox. Boys, girls, and every flavor in between and around the two.

It’s not to say that I’ve disliked the sex. It’s been alright. Having sex with someone is a helluva lot better than doing laundry. I used to say that even bad sex was still better than none, or was still a fun way to spend an evening. But… I’m not so sure anymore. (more…)

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