The Loving Dominant

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The Loving Dominant

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Everything the amateur player needs to know about heterosexual, male-dominant love-making. Warrenaka Mentoris a longtime participant in the dominance/submission scene. As he guides readers through this rarely seen world, he offers clear-eyed advice that will refresh and enlighten the most well-informed erotic explorers. Most importantly, Mentor discusses the hidden basis of the D/S relationship: the care, trust and love between partners.



  1. Raymond Reines says:

    One of the best books I’ve read on the BDSM Lifestyle

    • Jon Walters-Winterfeld says:

      I’m a bi sub male single for 2yrs now after a failed FLR relationship with my ex wife. I’m 50 and so scared I will never be able to experience true dominance that loves me for my submission and willingness . I live in Sioux Falls SD. I am hoping to at least find a mentor in my area that works with and would help me stay focused on pleasing and being as beta at all times. If any recommendations are available please ,I’m about to walk away from the LS . I love being me but not much place in this world for a guy who has been in the closet for over 30yrs and wants to evolve ? Thank you
      As all ways, slavebowslow

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