Religion vs Poly/GLBT

Reconciling Religion and Polyamory/GLBT
An Alternative Approach
By Cross (

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1.       People were meant to love each other.

2.       Love is good.

3.       Love comes in many forms, from platonic to romantic.

4.       Loving one person does not inhibit your ability to love another person.

5.       People, therefore, have an infinite capacity for love.

Relationships and Marriage

1.       The bible shows that God condones, encourages, and awards marriage styles that are not monogamous.
See: THIS POST for more details

2.       The bible shows that God often punishes people for sexual indulgence, but never punishes people for loving, committed, consensual partnerships, regardless of the gender or status of the people involved.

3.       There are at least three examples in the bible where committed same-sex relationships are described, all of them are glorified.
See: THIS POST for more information on these.

4-       Relationships which are committed and loving, regardless of gender or numbers, are good.


1.       Each and every person has an inherent knowledge of right and wrong.

2.       Sin is rooted, not in actions, but in intentions. In other words, it’s not what you do that is sinful or not, but why you do it.

(Defined specifically here as: Intercourse)

1.       Sex is meant to be an expression of romantic love.

2.       Sex is meant to be shared only by people in a committed, loving relationship.

3.       Sex in the absence of love is wrong, whether or not the people in question are married.


1.       Happiness and pleasure are not the same thing.

2.       Pleasure can be derived by sinful means.

3.       Happiness is a state of harmony.

4.       True happiness can only be derived from a virtuous life.

5.       Therefore, nothing that makes a person truly happy is wrong.

What All of This Means

As a result of these beliefs in conjunction with personal introspection, I can, at this time in my life, feel comfortable in stating the following:

1.       I believe that people are not limited in love, and can, through devotion, honesty and consent, establish committed, loving and healthy relationships with multiple partners, and that this act is not in conflict with the will of God, but is, in fact, encouraged in the bible.

2.       While I do not identify as homosexual or bisexual, I cannot believe that a loving, committed relationship between same-sex partners is a sin. I believe that organized religion and its teachings, have manipulated its followers into believing that the bible condemns same-sex partnerships.

3.       I believe that sex is meant to be an expression of love. I also believe that the act of sex is a promise of life-long commitment and devotion. For that reason, I have abstained from its practice until I am ready to make such a commitment, whether that be in the form of traditional marriage or not.

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