Guide to the Kinky Internet

Being kinky is awesome!

That’s not relevant to the article, but I thought it was important to say.

Kinky Social Networking / Dating is the largest and best online location for interacting with other kinky people. It’s completely free (no, really, you never, ever have to pay unless you want to donate to them). You can use Fetlife to ask questions and have discussions, find local events, meet people with similar interests, whatever. How you use the site is up to you.

The site was not designed to facilitate finding partners. So if you are looking for that, seek out one of the groups created for that purpose, such as “Colorado Personals”.

Another popular site is, but honestly, you don’t want to go there. Many of the profiles are robots that will try to scam you into going to another site and giving them money, many of the real people are terrible, and the few gems that are actually decent are probably also on fetlife.

OKCupid is a popular dating option for a lot of people, especially those who are non-monogamous. Since the match-filtering questions are user generated, you can answer and designate a preference for things related to kink and non-monogamy. You can also make your answers secret so that people can’t see how you answered, but it will still guide who they match you up with.

Facebook has many, many secret groups for people interested in kink or non-monogamy. However, the drawback is that even though the world won’t be able to see that you are in that group, the people within the group can see each other, so many people who are nervous about discretion choose not to use it. is where much of the organization for events and groups related to non-monogamy happens. There are fewer kinky groups on there, but some do exist.

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