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Posted: March 7, 2017 by Isaac Cross in Reviews, Reviews (Web)
Extreme Restraints - Bondage Gear & Fetish Store

Imma Scratch You!

Every kink product website has many of the same products. You can get a pair of handcuffs anywhere. So I set out to dig through everything that Extreme Restraints has to offer in order to highlight the products that are more unique and special to them. These are the products that make ExtremeRestraints.com special.

WARNING: This article contains more images of naked people and sexual content than usual. I don’t know why you would ever have this website up at work, but just in case, here is your warning that there are going to be boobs and dick and pussy everywhere. 


Their first category, bondage gear, has a lot to offer. One of the most unique among them is this tongue and lip press.

Shut Up, Meg.

Man, that thing is cool. It’s a little pricey at $100 (As of the time of this writing, it’s on sale for $75), but the psychological effect is well worth it.

Next up is this “Elbow Restraint” system. I can’t say I’ve seen anything else quite like it.

Go ahead, punch back

I would love to wear one of these while bottoming for a chest punching scene. It’ll cost you $119. Man, unique things are expensive. But I think everyone should have something special in their kit that other people don’t have. This would certainly qualify. But if that isn’t your thing, maybe this is.

This seems like a lot of work for something I would let you do anyway. Unlike a lot of these stocks-style bondage rigs, the restraints on this one are soft and adjustable, making it more comfortable for the bottom and less expensive for you at ONLY $165. I know, that’s still a lot.

Leaving the realm of expensive terribleness for a minute, I wanted to highlight this collar, which I actually have and use on my girl.

Dapper As Fuck

It is a little big on her (so know that for most women, you will likely need to add holes to fit), but would fit most mens’ necks out of the box. I like that it’s a little different, and it’s affordable at only $15.

Staying in the neighborhood of affordable collars, this “heretic’s fork” collar is something really special.

Is it something I worshiped?

The fork part of it is actually a separate piece, so it can actually be incorporated into other collars as well if there is one you already have that you like better. The retail is $50, but at the time of this writing, it’s on sale for $38.

In the hoods section, the only thing that really leaped out to me (though, to be fair, IT REALLY leaped out) was this steel head cage.

The (wo)Man in the (Steel) Mask

Man, that’s super hot. It’s $285, but I might have to find a way to afford that.

There was nothing particularly interesting in the spreader bars, bendroom bondage, or blindfolds sections, but when you get to “Dungeon Irons”, that’s where Extreme Restraints really shines. If you are into heavy steel and spending a lot on bondage, check out these things:

Forced Orgasm Tower:

Ice-Based Time Lock:

Steel Fist Mits:

Neck and Wrist Rigid Bondage:

Back Stockade:


There isn’t much that’s special or interesting in the Sex Toys section. They have a much larger selection of remote control toys than about anywhere else I’ve seen.

This thing is weird, but I’m not sure it’s in a good way:

Yeah, that’s a vibrator. I don’t know.


In the Cock and Ball toys section, there were a few things that jumped out at me. The first was this… Gag? I mean, it’s more like a harness that turns a body part INTO a gag. You know what? Let me just show you:

So, it’s a combination ball stretcher and head harness. I probably wouldn’t use it. Because if there is one place I don’t want my balls to be while my bottom is in distress, it’s between their teeth. Yikes. But it is interesting.

This thing, on the other hand, is right up my alley:

In case you can’t figure it out from looking at it, clicking on the link will take you to the product page where there are pictures of it in action. The obvious part goes in the but, the the horizontal clamps hold each ball separately and the vertical clamps hold the shaft. The handy ring on the front then lets you lead them around, putting pressure on… everything. I have to imagine this is an intense experience.

The chastity device section under C&B has a lot of the standard devices, pouches, and clothing items that you would see elsewhere, but with a few interesting additions. The first being this guy:

These evil pineapple thingies have been gaining popularity for a while, but this one has not only a different design, but a locking feature, meaning that your bottom can’t remove it on their own. Wicked!

I also liked the special features of this one:

Zeus brand chastity devices incorporate electricity into the device and have a small external control box. There are a few varieties out there, but what’s intriguing to me about this one is that it responds to sound. I’ll wait a few seconds for the sadists to realize what that means…

Yeah. That means you can put this on them, set it, and then hurt them. And if they make noise in response to the pain, this thing will shock their junk.

Mmmmmmmm. Predicament play.

Fucking Machines

This section didn’t have much that stood out. If you are into to gizmos and gadgets for automated fucking, you will find plenty to choose from, but they all function off the same basic premise, so it’s all about how many features and how much power you want. The one interesting item was this virtual reality stroker for men:


I didn’t expect this section to have anything spectacular, but I was actually impressed with the selection. The “nomal” strap-on section has all the dildos and harness you would expect and the “Strapless Strap-on” section carries a few different brands of insertable cock accessories for women to equip and get the more natural feel of having a dick without the climbing harness wrapped around their ass.

One standout in the standard section was a zeus brand electrified dildo that can be fit to a strap-on for a more… interesting intercourse experience. The actual harness and estim control box are sold separately, though.

Then we get to the interesting sections. The first is a whole line of hollow strap-ons for men to wear, like this one:

This could be used to simply enhance the size to make the fun more fun for their partner, or it could be used in chastity play to reduce sensation for the man and allow the other partner to have fun without risking an accidental eruption.

Next is a line of double penetration strap-ons. This actually doesn’t just mean one type of product, but basically anything that would allow a couple to have two types of penetration happening at once. Which could mean…

A woman double penetrating another woman:

It could mean a women penetrating someone while also being penetrated herself:

It could mean a guy penetrating someone while also being penetrated himself:

It could mean a guy double-penetrating a woman:

There’s actually a lot of diversity in that section.

Then there is a section called Unique Strap-ons, which actually just means strap-ons that strap somewhere other than your pelvis, such as thigh or face. I was actually disappointed with their selection here, as I know there are a wide variety of those types of products out there and none of the ones available here were particularly interesting.

Nipple Toys

OK, so many of the things listed under “nipple toys” can actually be used on lots of different body parts, but when people think of pinching and clamping, they usually think nipple, so here we are.

The first one is a product I have and love, magnetic balls.

They are great as nipple toys, but as the other pictures on the product page show, they can absolutely be used other places as well. Surprisingly strong and lots of fun. You can also buy four pairs in a pack, rather than just one.

Side note: Don’t ever buy clothes pins from a kink website. That’s dumb. Buy them from amazon and get a lot more for your money. Plastic is better than wood because you  can clean it and it won’t splinter.

These are wicked as hell:

Interestingly, there are no pictures of model actually wearing these on her nipples. Based on having felt them, I’m guessing the reason is that they hurt REALLY BAD. If you have a heavy pain tolerance in your nipples, get a pair of these, but otherwise, stick to the clover clamps.

In the realm of compact design, there are two interesting models:

And in the realm of pully thingies, there are two more:

If your partner had pierced nipples, you can also use this one:

There are a number of gags that have nipple clamps attaches, but I am going to save that for the next section, which is:

Mouth Gags

Side note: What other kinds of gags are there? Why do we have to specify “mouth” gags? Anyway…

The Ball Gags, Open Mouth Gags, Medical Gags, Pony Bit Gags, and Penis Gags (where the bit that goes in your mouth is shapped like a penis) are all pretty standard. Even their section called Unique and Inflatable Gags doesn’t have anything special. There are some non-standard shapes in the ball gag section like dog bones or hearts, but otherwise, it’s just about what size and strap style you want.

In the open mouth section, there’s this thing which is interesting in that way that I’m not sure is a good thing, but I’m sure someone is into it:

There is also this, which I find interesting, but in all the pictures, the first thing I think is that it makes the girl look like she has a goatee, and I’m not sure I could get over that.

Enema Supplies

This is a section you really shouldn’t shop on a kink website. The things that are legitimate medical supplies can be found cheaper elsewhere and the rest is questionable in terms of safety. Research before you inject liquids into your butt. Please.


I am not going to provide a lot of links for this section because almost all of it is incredibly expensive and takes up a significant amount of space, so it really is going to come down to what is most interesting to you. It’s not a huge section, so if furniture is something you are looking for, I recommend just browsing it and seeing if anything jumps out.

Some of the items I featured in the first bondage section. They have a lot of swings and harnesses designed to help position you for sex. In the dungeon furniture section, there are a few cages, several varieties of bondage benches, and just a few items that I think are worth highlighting.

First is the Total Lockdown System, which would replace a cross in most dungeons with a lot more flexibility if not for the fact that they cost $1400 each.

The next is this male pillory, running a little cheaper at only $200.

Add in a good pair of wrist cuffs and he’s not going anywhere.

Finally, I have to mention vacuum bondage, which is a truly unique sensation. If you haven’t experienced it, I encourage you to.

They come as either beds for a two dimensional experience

Or a cube for more diverse positioning options:

If you don’t have a few hundred dollars to drop on a vac-bed, there are instruction for making your own in the Better Built Bondage Book by Douglas Kent.

Skipped Sections

Bedroom Bondage section is pretty boring. Mostly vanilla twist stuff. I’m not going to get into fetish clothing because it’s a huge section and is really style specific. The only thing I will mention, because to me it’s more toy than clothing, are the ballet boots. Yum.

It takes a lot of practice to stand in a pair of those, let alone walk. So it’s effectively bondage.

I am also skipping Penis/Nipple/Pussy pumps. If that’s your thing, you can check it out. I am also not covering masturbation toys or lubes/cremes.

I am also not covering the floggers and whips section, because very little in that section is high quality and it is all over-priced for what it is. If you want a crop, find a horse tack supply. It will be better quality and cheaper. If you want a flogger, paddle or cane, find a local artisan. You really want to be able to hold those things in your hands and assess the quality before you buy. If you can’t do that for whatever reason, at least find someone like Adrenalize Leather in Florida that guarantees quality and can do custom work.

The medical section has some good stuff, but none of it is really interesting, which one exception. This thing:

The miscellaneous section is as it says. It’s mostly supplies for everything else, like batteries, lubes, condoms, massage oils, etc. There are also sex dolls, personal grooming supplies, locks and hardware, bed sheets,

Finally, always be sure to check the Clearance and Overstock sections for the opportunity to get fun stuff for cheap.

So that’s what’s interesting at eXtremeRestraints.com

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