Creating Assignments

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[Handout from at Beyond Leather in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in April of 2013]

** What is an assignment? **
An assignment is a directed task with either a reward for completion or punishment for exceeding the time limit. 
An assignment allows the submissive to make choices regarding the time and/or manner that the task is completed.
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What is the Purpose of an assignment?

Below are the 6 general purposes of giving an assignment and some examples of each. Any single assignment can fulfill multiple purposes, but should always fit into at least one of these categories.

a)      For their Growth / Education

i)      Reading List

ii)     Cultural Exposure, such as going to a play or museum

iii)    Doing something creative, like writing a story or drawing a picture

iv)    Taking a class or learning a new skill

b)      For your pleasure / benefit (Service Assignments)

i)      Chores / errands

ii)     Purchase a type of clothing the dominant likes

iii)    Embarrassing or frustrating tasks that the dominant enjoys

iv)    Four Types of Service Assignments

(1)   Service that makes you (the dominant) feel good

(2)   Service that makes you look good

(3)   Service that unburdens you

(4)   Service to your goals and ambitions

c)      Conditioning / training

i)      Practicing service tasks

ii)     Daily Focus (Posture, presentation, mindfulness, etc)

iii)    Learning and remembering preferences

d)      To gain information / insight about them

i)      Journaling

ii)     Porn / Fiction – An assignment I often give where the submissive is told to collect fictional D/s stories that arouse them and tell me what they like about each.

iii)    Questionnaires – such as a BDSM checklist or the Myers-Briggs assessment.

iv)    Essays – Such as “300 words on what the word ‘slave’ means to you”

e)      Keep them busy / maintain dynamic and structure

i)      Chores / errands

ii)     Scavenger Hunt

f)       Personal Care

i)      Exercise

ii)     Diet

iii)    Grooming

iv)    Breaks / Vacation

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