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Finding Leather

Posted: September 28, 2010 by Isaac Cross in About Me, Featured Posts, Learn Something, Philosophy

Within the Leather/BDSM culture, there is a tradition that dates back to at least 1965. While it took different forms in different parts of the country, there has been some form of documentation found to support the existence of this tradition in almost every major city where a Leather sub-culture existed.

The tradition basically states that, with the exception of boots and belts, you are not permitted to wear leather unless it has been given to you by someone more experienced. The leather is usually given after you have “earned” it through some sort of milestone in your development, such as a particularly challenging scene or the mastery of a particular skill.


Faith and Kink: Another Perspective

Posted: September 17, 2010 by Isaac Cross in Uncategorized

Cross’s note: I recently posted about the topic of reconciling my faith kink and polyamory. And it’s one that I continue to research and think about on a regular basis.

I don’t accept any religeous teachings as truth based solely on the source of the information, including the bible itself. It is too easy for this world to corrupt truth and disseminate lies. I find rational thinking and critical examination to be a much more reliable path to faith and to all things virtuous in the world.

But for one to rely on those things, it is critical that they be able to maintain an open mind and always accept that they may be wrong. To that end, when I see writing that makes me think about things in a new way. I will seek to post it here.

“Faith and Kink” by Karsyn Falconer

Reposted with permission

Those of you that know me will say that I am a sweet, chatty, friendly girl. You will probably say that I am respectful, honest, polite, and kind. You all know that my favorite phrase is “I wonder what that would feel like?” You would know that I love to try new things, and that I am curious in nature. You might also know that I love a challenge and in a sick morbid way, love to face my fears. You probably know that I will push myself just to see how long it takes me to call red. (more…)

Who’s the Master around here?

Posted: September 10, 2010 by Isaac Cross in Advice, Featured Posts, Learn Something, Philosophy

“I am not a Master because I say so, but because people older and wiser than me have said so” -Master Skip Chasey

Those words stuck with me. It was one of the first classes I ever attended on a BDSM topic. The title was “The Servant Master” and it was, and still is, one of the most influential and memorable events of my life.

It is nothing new, but recently my attention has been drawn to the ongoing frustration that many members of the community feel in regards to new (and usually young) individuals who choose to use the word “master” before their name. As I have participated in these discussions, I have done a lot of thinking on the matter and decided to go ahead and write about it.



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Note: This article was published in the November 2010 edition of the NLA-C Link. All rights are reserved. Please do not repost without permission.

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