Faith and Kink: Another Perspective

Posted: September 17, 2010 by Isaac Cross in Uncategorized

Cross’s note: I recently posted about the topic of reconciling my faith kink and polyamory. And it’s one that I continue to research and think about on a regular basis.

I don’t accept any religeous teachings as truth based solely on the source of the information, including the bible itself. It is too easy for this world to corrupt truth and disseminate lies. I find rational thinking and critical examination to be a much more reliable path to faith and to all things virtuous in the world.

But for one to rely on those things, it is critical that they be able to maintain an open mind and always accept that they may be wrong. To that end, when I see writing that makes me think about things in a new way. I will seek to post it here.

“Faith and Kink” by Karsyn Falconer

Reposted with permission

Those of you that know me will say that I am a sweet, chatty, friendly girl. You will probably say that I am respectful, honest, polite, and kind. You all know that my favorite phrase is “I wonder what that would feel like?” You would know that I love to try new things, and that I am curious in nature. You might also know that I love a challenge and in a sick morbid way, love to face my fears. You probably know that I will push myself just to see how long it takes me to call red.

What you probably don’t know, is that I am a Christian. That I am the head of the Children’s Sunday School Program in my church. That I believe God sent Himself in human form to guide us and die for us, and then rose again. I believe He died to save us. Now, I am not writing this to convert you, or to push my faith. That is not my place. What you believe is between you and God. i feel that everyone has a right to believe in what they believe in, without fear of persecution or being shunned and ridiculed for those beliefs. My faith and my kinky self conflict on a daily basis. My faith says that this way of life is wrong, but also forgivable because we all sin. My kinky self hears things within the community that makes me want to push away from my faith.

I often hear the jokes and comments regarding Christianity from my peers in the community. Some of these peers are very close to me. I hear them making fun of believers, saying that they are crazy and stupid. That they need to be locked up for being nuts or that they need a dose of reality.

What these peers don’t realize is that when they are making fun of Christians, they are making fun of me. They don’t realise that they are hurting me at my core. This puts a wedge between me and my walk within the community. I feel that I cannot be true to myself, and thus, I often feel like I don’t belong. That I don’t belong in the kinky community because I am a believer, and that I don’t belong as a believer because I am kinky.

I am trying really hard to find a balance between my faith and my kink. It is very hard to do. I believe that everyone has the right to believe in what they do. Our spiritual walk is ours alone. Sometimes it is hard to be honest with ourselves when we face disdain. I don’t speak up when people around me are bashing my They have the right to believe what they do. But please remember, so do I.

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