A collection of books that we have found useful or interesting, in no particular order.

This page will grow over time, be sure to check back often.

Click on images for more information about the book, reviews (once I’ve written them) and a link for purchase if you want a copy.

Digital copies of books are cheaper. Even if you don’t own an actual Kindle, you can get the Kindle App on just about any smart phone or tablet for free. Here’s a link, save some money.

But if you do decide you want hard copies, and you happen to be a college student, amazon has set up a free shipping program for students that is worth signing up for if you are in college. And it’s free to join. Here’s that link.

Do you have too many books already? Make some room by trading in your old books for Amazon Gift Cards, no matter where you bought them.

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Introductory Books



Books on Technique



Books on D/s or Polyamorous Relationships



Books on Personal Development



The Toybag Guide Series:
Short and Simple, but Packed With Info, and only about $8 each