The Toybag Guide to Medical Play

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The Toybag Guide to Medical Play

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The latest in Greenery’s popular Toybag series. Mad doctors and nasty nurses…white coats and latex gloves…shiny instruments and the sharp tang of alcohol…what a playground for the fetishist, BDSM practitioner or sexual adventurer! If you’ve ever fantasized about bringing the scary, evocative world of the doctor’s office into your playspace, this is the book for you. You’ll learn:

  • How to set up your playspace with fun, realistic equipment, even if you’re on a budget
  • How to stock your kit with everything you need to play doctor
  • Ideas for treatments and exams that they don’t teach in medical school
  • How to use bandages, casts and other medical equipment as unique bondage items
  • Introductions to the basic concepts of invasive play
  • How to maintain your equipment safely and hygienically

Like all Greenery nonfiction books, The Toybag Guide to Medical Play has been doctor-approved, by a real doctor to ensure safe, responsible BDSM activity.

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