Live Workshops by Jordyn

Jordyn is available for individual workshops, as well as conferences and conventions. Jordyn is happy to modify workshops to meet the needs of the booking organization or group, as well as to create new workshops to fit your needs. Please use the this contact form for information or questions.


Jordyn (NumberOneCrush) lives in Denver and is a poly, pan, sex-positive switch who’s been playing since 2010. She’s studying psychology, with a focus on alternative sexuality. She identifies as a heavy sado-masochist with a love for sharp pokey things and mental fuckery. Jordyn enjoys nerding out about kink and picking apart the why and how of what it is that we do.

With a passion for teaching personal responsibility in kink, she’s taught classes in Colorado Springs for House Debauchery and has also taught in San Francisco at The Armory, as well as numerous classes at the Denver Sanctuary for Colorado CAL, COLLAR and at Fort Collin’s TNG Presents series. Additionally, she’s taught for Sin in the City in Las Vegas, Beyond Leather in Fort Lauderdale. In 2018 Jordyn was excited to teach internationally for the first time in Iceland. Jordyn is part of the XCBDSM education team and regularly writes articles for


Bottoming Skills

Note: These bottom classes can be taught as a weekend-long intensive with the addition of Negotiating Scenes & Relationships, and On the Prowl.


Ethical Bottoming: How to Be An Awesome Bottom Everyone Wants to Play With

A 1-2 hour class focusing on play and scening covering a variety of topics designed to empowers bottoms to have healthier, stronger, more dynamic and all-around “better” scenes and relationships. I’ll cover enthusiastic consent and creative ways to give it, along with why it’s so important. I talk about how bottoms must be their own #1 advocate and how and why they must be responsible for themselves, even when negotiating scenes or relationships in which they’re giving up power.I also cover ways to communicate well, pre-, during, and post-scene, along with emphasizing why communication is important during all three segments of time. I will also teach bottoms why they must recognize the humanity of their top (hint- they’re people, not carnival rides!), and ways to help their top. We’ll also cover some methods of pain processing to help you get more out of your scene.

Leading Your Partner as a Submissive

Leading…as a submissive? What? During this class, we’ll explore this seeming contradiction in terms and explore ways of helping a d-type in your dynamic. We’re going to dispel the notion that submissive must be completely passive- we’ll talk about ways that s-types can be active partners in their power exchange, while still maintaining a power dynamic in which they’re not in charge. We’ll also cover ways of providing feedback and communicating with your d-type.

Dynamic Service

Service is one of those words that gets thrown around a lot in the kink-munity. But what does “service” mean? Is it chores? Is is 24/7 sex? Is it something that everyone can do? Is it something that is natural to everyone, and is everyone good at it 100% of the time? Service can be all and none of these things. In this class, we’ll explore ways of deepening a service dynamic with a power-exchange partner, and ways that both side of the dynamic can improve their relationship with service, and how they provide service in general. We’ll examine alternative ways of serving, and have some discussion around what to do when service isn’t your forte. We’ll also talk about ways of showing joy in service, and how to accept direction with grace.

General Skills

Orgasm Play!

Chastity…Tease and denial… Edging… Forced orgasms… There is so much fun to be had by controlling your own or your partner’s orgasms! We’ll cover the basics of each type of play and delve into the how’s and why’s of doing this type of play. I’ll teach you some fun games to play with each type of orgasm play and there’ll even be a few demos! We’ll also cover short-and long- term chastity, and how to incorporate orgasm play into a daily routine that can be done by the bottom on their own. This class is for everyone who likes playing with orgasms. I’ll teach orgasm play for both male and female bottoms.

Sex…With a Twist!

In this class, I cover some sex basics, like anatomy, safer sex practices (especially covering ways to keep yourself and your partners safe when having sex with multiple partners. No scare tactics or shaming, just straight facts), and ways to give and receive enthusiastic consent. After the basics, I cover the fun stuff! Kinky sex tips and ways to improve your partner’s pleasure, as well as your own. Tips on sex with multiple partners (Tips for navigating threeways, fourways, and moreways,) and ways to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone involved- including curbing expectations, relaxing, and enjoying the moment, and ways to negotiate sexual experiences with multiple people at once. This is a fun, interactive class, with something for everyone, no matter if you’re brand new to a poly or open lifestyle or you’ve been doing this for years!

On The Prowl: Finding Play Partners and Building Relationships

This class will talk about ways to go about finding people to play with and ways of making yourself attractive to new partners. I’ll talk about how to build a stellar profile, writing memorable personal ads, and ways to foster connections with individuals.

Low Energy Dominance

We’ve all been there: you’re exhausted or low energy, but you still want to play, or your bottom is eager for a beating, or you’ve made play plans with a new friend and don’t want to let them down. Or perhaps you have a disability that affects your ability to engage in highly physical BDSM. Or hell, you’re just feeling lazy. This class is for you. During this class, I will talk about ways to engage in power exchange dynamics with someone in low energy ways, along with a ton of concrete, actual play ideas that don’t require a lot (or even any!) energy from the top. This is not just a bunch of theory and discussion, I have a jam-packed session full of real suggestions and ideas that you can take home and use tonight.

Dying Kinky

With compassion and humor, I will explore the realities of living a kinky life and the inevitable. I’ll talk about things like estate planning, ways of caring for unmarried partners, having “The Letter” for unaware friends and family, having a kink buddy,  along with simple, legal will alternatives that you can do yourself, . This class is on a serious topic, but it’s not meant to be depressing. I’ll talk about how being prepared can help put your and your loved ones minds at ease and give you more freedom to live your life now. You will leave with an advanced directive document that is legal in 42 states that you can do yourself, no lawyer required.

Basic Skills and Ideas

A Million Shades: Beyond The Christian and Edward Greys

This class is an introduction for those with little to no knowledge of BDSM. I’ll cover basic terms, descriptions, consent and negotiations, and community introductions and how to get involved. This is the intro class to the kink 101 series.  

Kink 101 Series

This is a series of 101 level classes for the kink beginner, to introduce them to different types of play. I have 101 classes on:

  • Consent and negotiation
  • Impact Play (spanking, canes, flogging, paddles, crops, and more)
  • Needles and bloodplay
  • Bondage Basics
  • Sensual bdsm (sensation play, orgasm play like tease and denial, edging, and forced orgasms)
  • Getting involved in the broader kink-munity and finding play partners
  • Kink toy introductions and DIY toys and inexpensive “pervertables”

If I’d Only Known… (or, Things I Wish I’d Known About Poly At The Start)

Boy, if I’d only have known…If I had a nickle for every time I said that on my poly journey, I would be rich woman. So, using my hard-won knowledge, I will share with the class some important tips, skills, and general bits of information (my poly “toolkit”) that will make living a polyamorous lifestyle a little bit better.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Complete Bullshit (About Poly)

In this class, I debunk a lot of the common myths about polyamory shared by both mono and poly people alike. Some of what is said about polyamory are lies and total BS, so during this time I’ll share truths about poly and talk about some common misconceptions.

If I’d Only Known… (or, Things I Wish I’d Known About Kink At The Start)

Boy, if I’d only have known…If I had a nickle for every time I said that on kinky journey, I would be rich woman. So, using my hard-won knowledge, I will share with the class some important tips, skills, and general bits of information that will help you on your kinky adventure.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Complete Bullshit (About Kink)

In this class I discuss lies and bullshit that are spread throughout the kink community and have become accepted as true, when in fact they’re absolutely not. I’ll debunk myths and misconceptions, and I’ll also share some alternatives and truths.

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