Author/Presenter: Jordyn

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Meet Jordyn!



Jordyn (NumberOneCrush) lives in Denver and is a poly, pan, sex-positive switch who’s been playing since 2010. She’s studying psychology, with a focus on alternative sexuality. She identifies as a heavy sado-masochist with a love for sharp pokey things and mental fuckery. Jordyn enjoys nerding out about kink and picking apart the why and how of what it is that we do.

With a passion for teaching personal responsibility in kink, she’s taught classes in Colorado Springs for House Debauchery and has also taught in San Francisco at The Armory, as well as numerous classes at the Denver Sanctuary for Colorado CAL, COLLAR and at Fort Collin’s TNG Presents series. Additionally, she’s taught for Sin in the City in Las Vegas, Beyond Leather in Fort Lauderdale. In 2018 Jordyn was excited to teach internationally for the first time in Iceland. Jordyn is part of the XCBDSM education team and regularly writes articles for


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