Author/Presenter: Jordyn

For a List of Jordyn’s Available Workshops, Click Here

Meet Jordyn!



“I hail from the East Coast, but I pretend to be a Colorado native since I’ve lived here since 2002. Kinky and polyamorous since 2010. I identify as a pansexual, sadomasochist, sorta-swingy, switchy, sharp-pokies fanatic, and unashamed slutty princess who enjoys a good Oxford comma. Currently, I’m going to school for psychology with a specialization in alternative sexualities: LGBTQIA, poly, BDSM, swingers. You name it, I’m fascinated by it.

I enjoy trying out new sex and kink toys and love to share my opinions with anyone who fancies listening. Let me save you a wasted purchase with honest reviews, and help you figure out which toy to drool over next. I’m picky, so it takes a lot to satisfy me. But when I am, I’ll let you know. “


Jordyn will be writing toy reviews for XCBDSM, as well as contributing the articles from the perspective of the rare and elusive unicorn (an available, bisexual, kinky switch female who sometimes dates couples).


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