Author/Presenter: Isaac Cross

For a list of Cross’s Available Live Workshop’s, Click Here

Isaac Cross is a teacher, presenter, and alt-sex theorist from Denver, Colorado. With a background in psychology, Cross has focused his study and education on philosophical and psychological aspects of BDSM, but has also taught various skills and techniques in both structured and casual settings.

Cross presents workshops in the Denver area and around the US, from Florida to Alaska. See the “Educational Offerings” page for a list of offered workshops or suggest a new topic.

Cross is continuing work on a project detailing various submissive “role types” to help submissive individuals find and understand their place in a D/s dynamic. As part of this work, he has conducted interviews of hundreds of individuals worldwide who identify as submissive.

Cross’s writing has been featured in a variety of publications and websites, including


 webcross01  webcross02

  1. Shanna Katz says:

    Love the site and the social vibe widget. Helped you out with a few hours!

  2. Nichole Britt says:

    Hello Sir,

    My finance and myself are newbies but not novices. We could use some help, especially my fiancé. He is the Dominant but I find myself always having to top from the bottom. We really do not know where else to look for guidance and understanding about the lifestyle that I need and he’s trying but very uneducated. Please help!

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