Art Thursday ~ Where Are The Words?

Posted: July 24, 2014 by Isaac Cross in Art



It’s Thursday, so here is an original poem by Raven of girlraven.

Please click the photo to view the original post as well as others by Raven.


where are the words?

I cannot write
Where are the words?
Yet I see her there
She kneels hungrily
Craving what He has
To offer to a girl
Her body aches for pain
Yearns for this discipline
Where are the paragraphs
That show how she needs
To be taken and used
The emotions that fill
Every fibre as she pleases
One, a Man that owns her
Where are the letters
The ones that form
To tell the reader
How she wants His arms
That precious hold
Protecting her, her safety
The same arms that cradle
As her sated body comes
Back down from the highs
The heights He has shown
Shown a girl that wants
To learn, to serve Him
Where is the story
That tells the tale
Of hunger, lust
Desire passion and need
Will it be told
And will it be heard
Waiting for the block
To clear, to give release
So words can be written
Of orgasmic delights
Sweet agony
Moments of bliss
When two share their
Own selves to bond
Join, fuck, take, connect
Be lost in all they are
Her needs to serve a Dominant
His wants for one to please Him
Will the words express
All she can be for One
A pet, a slut, a babygirl
and everything in between
Just a submissive girl
Whose story is lost
for she cannot
Find her words
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