Art Thursday: Lindsay Sterling’s Transcendence

Posted: July 31, 2014 by Isaac Cross in Art

For this week, I decided to share with you all some music from one of my favorite artists, Lindsay Sterling. This is actually an older song of hers that she had previously made a music video for, but she decided to remake the music video in collaboration with a really truly awesome and inspiring group called the “Landfill Harmonic”. I love music, I love the video, and I love the message. Be sure to watch all the way through Lindsay’s little speech at the end.

  1. karida says:

    I watched this, because I too love music. I played the violin and the flute when I was a young girl. I watched it all the way through to the end and her speech made me feel some strong emotions. My mother and all her family are from Paraguay. Her speech connect with me on personal levels. Thanks yet again, for sharing something extra awesome. The other day it was something that made me smile. Today it was something that reminded me where I come from and what I have to be grateful for. My mother and father gave me the gift if music…

    • Cross says:

      Thank you. I am working hard to diversify the content on this site so that it isn’t just Cross talking about Cross’s thoughts on Cross’s world. If you would ever like to trade guest posts, let me know.

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