I Guess I Have To Start Reading Again

Posted: July 31, 2014 by Isaac Cross in Uncategorized

Unless anyone out there wants to be a dedicated book reviewer for me. (Free books, anyone?)

Since I posted about my upcoming review of “More Than Two”, I have been contact my multiple publishing and publicity companies asking me to review books by their authors as well. Some fiction, some non-fiction.

On the one hand, that’s awesome. My website is enjoying enough traffic (about 11,000 page views and 8,000 visitors per month) that it is getting attention from people who would like to take advantage of that traffic. And that’s awesome, but…

The thing is that I already have a growing pile of books to read that I never seem to find the time (or attention) for, much to the aggravation of the people who keep buying me those books. On the one hand, this might get me motivated and reading again, but it also might just put me farther behind.

So seriously, if anyone out there likes reading and can articulate a coherent opinion on the things they read, I would love to add you as a new author to the site and forward all the free e-books to you.

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