San Francisco Details: December 4th-14th

Posted: July 29, 2014 by Isaac Cross in About Me, Events, Life Log


Holy Mötley Crüe! This is going to be a crazy trip. I am super excited, but I can tell I am going to go through a case of Monster Energy, at least, during this visit. This is, by far, the most ambitious trip that I have done so far. Fortunately, I will have help.

OK, I will be in town from the morning of December 4th, through the morning of December 14th. Here is my agenda for the week, so far. The things in red are the things I am presenting.

Again, if any of you are in the Bay area and know of fun things to do, or want to have lunch or something, let me know ( Meeting and talking with local people is at least 60% of why I travel like this, so hit me up.

Agenda for the Week (Subject to Change)

December 4th –
7:55am – 9:40am   Flight in
7:00pm- 9:30pm   SF TNG Happy Hour (Dalva – Hideout)

December 5th –
8:30pm – 2:00pm   BENT (Citadel) (*Maybe a Demo of some sort, still TBD)

December 6th –
2:00pm – 4:00pm   Not Your Mama’s Rope Bondage (Armory)
6:00pm – 8:00pm   Newbie Munch (Wicked Grounds)
8:00pm – 1:00am    Mistique (Citadel)

December 7th –
11:00am- 6:00pm   Full Day Intensive “Effective and Affectionate Dominance” (Citadel)
          – Serving You Partner as a Dominant
          – Defining and Refining Submissive Roles
          – Protocol, Rules, Assignments, and Orders
          – Training and Conditioning a Submissive

December 8th –
7:30pm – 9:30pm      Dominant Discussion Group – (Citadel)

December 9th –
8:00pm – 10:00pm   Subdrop and Aftercare (Citadel)

December 10th –
7:00pm –   9:00pm   The Subtle Art of Predicament Bondage (Armory)

December 11th –
8:00pm – 10:00pm   Brain Play: The Joy and Dangers of the Mind Fuck (Citadel)

December 12th – 
8:00pm – 1:00am    Flash, Myth, and Lore (Citadel)

December 13th –
8:00pm – 1:00am    Fandango (Citadel)

December 14th –
5:55am – 9:30am     Flight Home (Colorado)

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