Finally! A Rope Bottoms’ Book!

Posted: June 2, 2015 by Isaac Cross in Current Events

Hey all,

I know this isn’t the sort of thing that is usually published here, but I happen to think this book is important and would like to direct your attention to it.

I have been hearing for years that there are not enough resources in our community for bottoms. I especially hear this from rope folks.

So I think it is important that we do what we can to support this effort to bring such a resource into bring.

I have absolutely no affiliation with the author and do not benefit in any way from its success. I really just believe in it. So check it out and do what you can.


The Crowd-Funding Campaign for “Diary of a Rope Fiend” can be found here

(Side note, Amazon got grumpy with them about the original title, “Diary of a Rope Slut”, and made them change it. But if you fund at the $100 level, you get the original edition with the original title, signed and tied up by the author, as well as 7 other books from Thorntree Press.)

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