XCBDSM and Colorado Leather Fest

Posted: February 18, 2015 by Isaac Cross in Uncategorized


XCBDSM is proud to be a sponsor of Colorado Leather Fest. We will have XCBDSM staff at the event all weekend and will be announcing some very exciting news, so don’t miss it.

Event info can be found at ColoradoLeatherFest.com, but here’s the basics.

Colorado Leather Fest is a three-day celebration of the Leather lifestyle. It will be held March 27-29 in Denver, Colorado at the Embassy Suites Denver Stapleton, 4444 N. Havana St, Denver 80239 (near I-70 and Havana).

The Vision

The Vision of Colorado Leather Fest is to help shape the future by preserving our heritage, discovering new knowledge, and sharing resources for the development of all within our community.

The Mission

The Mission of Colorado Leather Fest is to inspire lifelong learning and the development of advanced knowledge that strengthens our diverse communities through non-partisan camaraderie, teaching, and sharing of experiences.

The Theme

The theme of Colorado Leather Fest 2015 is “Standing Together”. The event will focus on activities and learning experiences that highlight this theme. “Standing Together” can relate to community solidarity; building relationships; service to your local club; balancing service in a multiple-slave household; or anything that focuses on bringing people together in a positive direction.

The Learning Paths

Colorado Leather Fest offers three learning paths:

Lifestyle Relationships: There are so many relationship dynamics in our lifestyle including Dominant/submissive, Master/slave, Daddy/boy, Daddy/girl, Trainer/puppy, Owner/kitten, Owner/property, and more. We are looking for a variety of relationship dynamics with a variety of topics and approaches.

Leather History and Traditions: Leather History and Culture in a true and honest perspective are important with all of the ‘urban legends” and people proclaiming to know the ‘one twue way”. We want to explore the what was of the leather culture and history in Colorado and around the country as well as the what is today and what might tomorrow hold in store as we evolve and write new history.

Service Skills: Regardless of the specific dynamic of Power Exchange relationships, there is almost always “service” involved. Whether it is Cigar Service, Leather Care, setting a table for a High Protocol Dinner, High Tea, Belly Dancing or some other form of service that requires imagination and skills, we want to explore them all.

The Events

Colorado Leather Fest 2015 will feature:

The 3rd annual Colorado Master/slave Contest
Meet & Greet Friday evening
Leather Banquet Saturday evening
Keynote Luncheon on Sunday
The Leather Mall
The CLF Family Room social area
Boot Blacking at Bootblack Alley
Cigar Social (weather permitting… it is March in Colorado!)
22 lifestyle classes directed toward a variety of Relationship styles and issues; Leather History and Culture; and Service Skills and Techniques

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