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Posted: August 31, 2010 by Isaac Cross in Reviews, Reviews (Web)

Edit: This review applies to,, and They are nearly identical sites run by the same parent company.

UPDATE 7-27-11
A new site in this family,, has an interesting new addition to its terms of use:

Online Emissary™ Feature. may, at its discretion, cause or allow You to be contacted by one or more Online Emissaries as a part of’s Online Emissary™ feature.
14.1 An Online Emissary™ may be a real person, such as another Member, a digital actor, an avatar or a synthespian (e.g. a computer generated “person” or “character”). Online Emissaries may be employed by or a third party to enhance Your online experience. For example, an Online Emissary™ may provide an electronic introduction to new or existing features or functionality.
14.2 Online Emissaries may also provide to You, or enable You to receive, digital introductions to all Members. Online Emissaries may also be employed to enhance online relationships, encourage active participation in or discourage inappropriate behavior
14.3 An Online Emissary™ may be a current or past Member, an independent contractor, a digital creation, You or a digital representation of You.

Apparently these companies have had enough complaints about fake people that they now include a section notifying you that they may use “online emisaries” to “enhance you experience”.

Translation: Make you think you are actually getting somewhere with their service and continue to pay for nothing.

And just for funsies, I signed up for an account and when I clicked the validation link in my email, gues where it took me…

How did I not see that coming? Oh wait, I did.

end update.

So, one of my favorite free porn websites is

I have found lots of great ideas for scenes from watching some of the creative work that has been posted there. Recently, they started promoting a side project called xxxcupid.

So, I went ahead and created a profile to test out the limitations of this “free” dating site.

As with most, there is absolutely nothing free about it. It’s even worse than You cannot even read messages that other people have sent you without cracking your wallet open. I had barely had my profile up for an hour before I received a request to meet in person. Of course, since I hadn’t paid, I could not see anything more than the screen name and picture of the person who sent it. Soon after, I got a message, a friend request, and another meet-up request. I was pretty suspicious that any of this was genuine, but I thought I’d better check it out for the bennefit of my readers.

So I paid the $2 for a three day trial and went exploring the new-found features of the site.

The first thing that you should know is that this site, like many others like it, share a database of members with the other sites they operate to make it look bigger than it is. has the exact same members as and What’s more, almost all of the member content you can access, such as videos, chat rooms, etc. are also mirrored across all of the sites. So when you go into one of the rooms, you are actually talking to members of all three sites.

Even the paid version is pretty underwhelming. All of your profile updates, pictures uploads and even sent messages are delayed waiting for the approval of the site personnel. If you do anything to reduce your dependence on the site’s infrastructure, it is denied. Don’t post an email address or other contact info, and don’t send your contact info in an email either (not sure how you are supposed to make arrangements with someone). In fact, anything that looks like you are trying to make a real life connection with anyone is censored out.

I have continued to get random contact from pretty girls supposedly in my area, but if I attempt to return contact, all they wanna do is talk endlessly, thereby encouraging me to maintain my membership with the site. And many of these pretty girls seem to use the same type of language and use similar subject lines, almost as if they have been coached by a common source.

The most disappointing thing is that there is no way to designate or search for an interest in kink, which makes the whole site rather useless to people like me who aren’t interested in having to convert nillas.

So, the short version is, avoid the site. It’s not worth it. Even is better, and that’s saying something.

UPDATE 8/9/11: Girls beware! This site will use your photos to advertise the website and make money. Stay away! (See comments)

UPDATE 9/1/10: After another 24 hours, I am convinced that the website employs women (or at least people using female pictures)  to send regular messages, friend requests, and other things to members in order to keep them paying. The messages I’m getting are too specific to be bots, but too vague to be actual interest.

UPDATE 9/2/10: And now the final nail in this site’s coffin as far as I am concerned. Today, I started receiving spam through the site’s messaging system. I received an identical message from three different users. It was one of these “I have a lot of money but still somehow need you to sneak it into America for me, and all I need is your social security number and bank account number.” One might have been forgivable, but three in the space of a few hours means even my free account on the site will be closed very soon.

UPDATE 9/6/10: If you ever turn over you credit card number to them, be prepared to fight with them to cancel your account and probably have to get your bank involved. It took me many angry phone calls to resolve it all. Stay away from this site! But if you have fallen victim to the site and you need to cancel your account, follow these directions:

1. Log in to the site
2. Click on “Account Options Main” under the “Account Options banner tab
3. Click on “Customer Service” in the “Help Desk” box
4. In the drop-down list, select “Billing Information”
5. Click on the company that is handling your billing and follow the directions from there
-If you aren’t sure which company is doing your billing, there is a help link right below the company list.
6. After you have completed the cancellation, be sure to watch your bank closely. They will probably charge you again anyway.
7. When this happens, follow steps 1-3 and scroll to the bottom of the page where there is a very small text link that will allow you to contact customer service directly.


100% Negative – All Thumbs Down – Zero Stars

  1. Aaron says:

    Thanks for saving me some money. I have the free version right now and all the messages were really tempting me to pay for the premium stuff. Thanks for letting me know it’s not worth it.

    • Patrick says:

      Hello Bro,

      I created a free account couple of days ago. But I’m skeptical paying them. I thought I would do some research. The more I did research about this site, I’m more convinced that this is a SCAM and I’m not sure why the govt. isn’t actually taking any action on them.

  2. Frank says:

    I am verry thankfull for your information on how to cancell your membership, because I looked first in the terms and conditions of use and it gives you an email address to write a cancellation emial. So I wrote them but they never sent me a confirmation, so I emailed them from my email for a week to cancell and send me a cancellation notice.but no awnser, what they were trying to do is robe me and hope that I wouldnt figure it out. I read alot of bad stuff about this site before I signed up and now I feel totaly stupid for signing up. One guy said that there must be a bunch of nigarians running this site and he was right, a bunch of nigarians smokeing crack with my €30, Thank you so verry much for posting this site on how to realy cancell your membership. God bless you. everything this guy says is true.

  3. hornyharald says:

    you are spot on with your assesmant of these fake money grabbing sites, another one to stay away from is XXXBlackbook, after numerous problems with webcam, logging in, accessing my mails I was finally denied access to the site as it seemed I was a problem customer. What takes the piss is that my oneyear gold membership was revoked and when I tried to get an explanation or refund was given automated respones by there billing company epoch. These cunts are just out to earn a fast buck from horny bastards like us, and as such my confidence in an online hook up site is now non-existant. back to pornhub and a box of tissues……

  4. Lora! says:

    If they didn’t refund you, than you can resort to the credit card company and file a claim. Your CCC will work with you and may ask you for proof. You should receive your money back in a short period of time called a “conditional credit”, where the CCC does a reversal credit from the scam company. All the scam company can do is show your CCC proof you bought something but if your claim is you are unsatisfied with them and that they won’t refund you or any other reason, the CCC will promptly refund you. Isn’t that cool?

  5. I also got scammed by these bastards , same thing as above I setup a profile and had barely turned off my computer when I started receiving friend requests and such so I decide to pay for a one month membership, looked into it decided I wasn’t into paying for something I figured was probably a scam so when I went to log out it hit me up with a “special” offer, one month gold for something like $10 so I thought “sure why not” so I signed on but it gave no indication that the transaction had gone through or anything it just took me back to the beginning where I clicked on it again …..(more by accident then on purpose). After this it immediately thanked me and said I had a one month membership. When I looked at my bill the next day, sure as shit they had charged me twice for one month, so I sent them a nice little email saying that I had accidentally purchased the one month twice and had only wanted the $10 trial they were offering and to please delete the other payment…. to which i got no response and any other response there after was vague and not anything to do with my initial inquiry. And they are still ignoring me and still won’t do anything about it. And on top of all that the only people that ever actually spoke to me were from the states which is not where I am and Im more then sure one of them was the picture of the same girl just different name and place. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOU CREDIT CARD NUMBER.

    • Your website is a fraud. You do not allow people to post honest reviews.

      • Cross says:

        All comments have to be approved by me first to make sure they aren’t just spam. Some of us had work today and I didn’t get to in the 3 hours between your first comment and the second one.

        Though frankly, I have to say that my guess is that you are one of those paid by xxxcupid to talk about how great it is, since you are the first and only one to ever say anything good about it to me.

  6. I am a proud user of XXXCupid. It is one of the best places to hook up on the internet. I’ve had 3 gay relationships since setting up my free profile. I highly suggest you visit the site. I no longer have a box of tissues beside my bed. In place of the tissues, I usually have a man or two 🙂

    You should also check out – It’s the #1 hook up site for us gays on the net.

  7. Nick says:

    @ frank,why do u involve Nigerians in this post,why is it that every scam on the net is always linked to Nigerians,to you frank you must be an uneducated fool,you open you bloody mouth to say that is owned by Nigerians, how do u know is owned by Nigerians,people like you will never say anything positive about Nigerians, only negative things,is this post about a country,you dumbass, you cant even spell Nigerian correctly yet you have the guts to post a nasty comments about Nigeria, go and collect your unemployment benefit, you faggot, all you live on is benefit, and yet u have come 2 post shit about another country

  8. GotScrewed says:

    I also signed up, because I’m retarded, not figuring out the scam until I started noticing the vague conversations that always seemed to drop off a cliff/ high number of email > yahoo messenger > free live cam show salesgirls.

    I already paid for the membership, but don’t feel like going through the legal battle for cancellation.

    My question is do you think my payment info is secure or should I cancel my bank account completely?

  9. GotScrewed says:

    Take that back, I went to CCBills support site and received a cancellation email within seconds.

    Note: I had to cancel 2 billing cycles for 1 account.

    1. The lump sum upgraded subscription .

    2. And the free trial with a bill that would have started charging every month after a set date.

    After both of these were canceled, my profile no longer appeared on the site.

    I also deleted all my pics/any info before I started the cancellation process.

    Think I’m safe-ish?

  10. DarkReapersGrim says:

    Appreciate the review. I was looking for a detailed review about because I was really interested in the site. It was presented as a very exciting place. The women were uber hot, they were in abundance, they were distinct from one another, and so on. I was planning on subscribing to the site in the future. I’m glad I ran into this review. The notion that it was a site dedicated to scamming subscribers didn’t even cross my mind.

  11. Cozkill says:

    Thanks guys……

    I thought it was to good to be true… thats why i came here to check the reviews which is always worth while… same as i had a load of messages and requests from chicks and i hadn’t even upload a pic… some gangsters… and the girls are worse for playing along.. they may as well look for a job in a brothel!!!!

  12. Outcast says:

    Just got scammed by these bastards. To get a refund just go directly to your bank and dispute the transaction. Was on this site for a week then I found this review. This is last time I let my dick thinks before my mind.

  13. KrixxCroxx says:

    i have an account on xxxcupid , i have already recived 2 messages , i havent paid anything yet..thanks to you ..Is there anyway to remove y account Delete it for good.?? id appreciate it.

  14. DutyCalls says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you! A thousand times Thank you! Your review has just saved myself and others a lot of time, money, and stress. Thank you

  15. emodudexp says:

    thanks man we couldn’t have done this without your warning.
    ps:i haven’t paid a cent yet,lol im glad i found this 1st.

  16. I got duped. says:

    I’ve been a member of this site for less than 6 hours, and can already tell it’s a scam. First I left all my info blank, no pic, nothing. And I had half a dozen or so women wanting to [bleep] me. Then I caught on to the scam and filled my profile with crap about me being a convicted rapist and such, and still the ladies were hitting me up. It’s 100% a scam, with fake people as well as real people.

  17. Joe says:

    There’s no reason to go to your bank and dispute the charge. First of all, that will have an impact on your credit history. Secondly, they won’t allow you to dispute charges forever, and I’m sure most people who’ve disputed a charge at some point in time have a tendency to dispute every charge when they feel unsatisfied with a purchase.

    Read the terms and conditions of the site. You are not being scammed. You are most likely just an ignorant person. If you were to just send an email to Customer Service and tell them that you are not satisfied within a few days, they will gladly refund your money.

    • emodudexp says:

      and anyways i dont pay to go on a relation,i can do that for free somewhere else
      with people i can trust with the whole time,that are bound as friends and lovers

  18. Dirty Snooper says:

    With just the default profile posted I got a “lets meet in person” message. Um, okay… I’m in California, she’s in Colorado. Also got some local friend requests based on that same default profile (no info, no pics)

  19. Patrick says:

    Thanks a lot guys!! Just finished talking with an online rep from my bank and told me to the “dispute” thing during the day within “Business hours” So yeah, DON’T GO INTO THIS WEBSITE, i received some weird email then i got suspicious due to the fact that the same writing and same stupid smile faces, so yeah. DON’T YOU DARE, I know these websites Jedi mind tricks our dicks, but you gotta be strong, look for online reviews about online dating websites first.

  20. jeff says:

    I have been on this site for a few weeks. hoping for the best I guess. unfortunately I was had. im in the process of canceling at the moment. cant trust a damn thing these days…

  21. GotMyRefund says:

    I too was duped and sent a scathing email to customer services…here is their response…my original email to them is below that…

    date Fri, May 6, 2011 at 8:08 PM
    subject Re: Fix This Now

    Dear Community Member,

    We have issued a refund request through your billing processor, Epoch, for $29.95. The refund request was processed on May 6 2011. It may take a few business days to appear back on your credit card.

    For confirmation of the refund, please contact Epoch from US and Canada toll free at 1-800-893-8871, Standard International and US: 1-310-827-9939.

    Customer Support wrote:

    > Site Name:
    > Account: XXXXXXX
    > Account Name: XXXXXXX
    > Password: XXXXXX
    > My screen name is XXXXXXXX.
    > I purchased a month membership today, after my free week.
    > It is abundantly clear that your website is a scam. You falsely advertise and use fraudulant tactics.
    > I do not care that you send fake messages to get people interested in the site and believing that someone is interested in them.
    > The fact is that you do not provide the products you advertise on your site. Your chat/cam system does not function. It is not real. Despite changing the location, the members remained the same. This is the same for your search system. The same pictures and profiles show up for different states. Meaning you are not offering the ability to connection with others that you purport to sell.
    > Lastly, your site advertises that users can click on the camera or chat section to meet with people in real time. This is advertised as chatting with other members. The reality is that you are funneling users to your pay cam and chat sites.
    > I WANT MY MONEY REFUNDED IMMEDIATELY. I do not care about any twisted legalese in your terms and conditions. You are knowingly running a fraudulent site. In order to save time on both our ends, I suggest you refund my purchase. You can continue ripping off other people, I don’t give a damn. However, you will not get away with stealing from me.
    > Thank you in advance for my refund.

    If you have any questions or comments regarding your membership, please contact us at:

  22. Isaiah says:

    Don’t be haters…I got laid 4 times in the last month

    • Janski says:

      Dude, this not about getting laid… can you imagine if an emotionally fragile individual falls for someone on there, chats forever, and then finds out, it’s all BS?

  23. Mike says:

    Here is the latest scam I ran across while a member of Beautiful girl starts a chat with me. I could tell she wasn’t a robot so I humored her. The chat window was acting weird so she asked if I had a yahoo chat which I did. We talk and she must have done a quick search for a town near me from my profile on She says she want some NSA and even sent me some pics to my email. Ofcourse it is a amazingly gorgeous model from anywhere USA. We start talking and she asks if I would rate her on (insert website here) Well I didn’t see a problem so I went with it. The site charges $5 on CC to rate someone. I ask her some more about it and she almost had me sold but she would not give me her address without me voting. Asked her for a phone number and a sext but lo an behold her phone did not do SMS. Now we live in a very technical age. A sext is a a reasonable request. Hell there are kids in middle school doing it lol. Do not fall for this one, it was a very good sell but I am a former con man myself and saw right through it. If you are a member of a “sex” site just be warned and be careful about people trying to chat you up. Happy trails friends

  24. ian says:

    i had joined the xxxcupid to has taken me a while to realize that its just a scam so i have found this a little late and had paid for a years membership ,but thanks it confirms what i thought this site is a scam i will try going to my bank today to get it blocked .guys stop thinking with your other head hot chicks is just dreaming…

  25. nate says:

    Thanks for the advice! I created a free account and quickly became suspicious. especially with how many great women are “within 50 miles of my location”. at any rate am cancelling my account which they do not make easy. I had to send them an email as there is no way to delete a free account from the site. main question! Is there a genuine site out there? thx again!

  26. Rachel says:

    The rules to this site must be different if you’re a female.I got free access to e-mails and chat which are slow and sometimes worked. when the chat works I got a bunch of chat request that froze my pc. If you post any pics and are half decent looking they use it for advertising to lure men like you for money.

    • Cross says:

      Thanks for that info, Rachel. That’s good to know. I;m going to put another note up in the main post about this.

      • Rachel says:

        for straight women….not sure about gay and lesbians

        free silver membership without pics

        gold membership with pics

  27. John says:

    I totally agree. A few years ago I paid for the ” gold” membership to adult friend finder. I knew from that moment that it was a scam. Constant requests, very vague one liner messages, act like they wanna get together. But exactly how are we supposed to ever meet in someone when they delay it as long as possible. Ok, long story short. Deided 2 months ago to buy ” gold” membership on What was I thinking!!! And the only way I cancelled adultfriendfinder, was to go to bank and tell them that you need to change your debit/credit number. Only way! EVERYTHING

  28. Dale says:

    I signed up for the free version and I had 33 requests in no time and I did not post a picture yet, thanks for the info.

  29. Janski says:

    Man, I kinda knew that there was something fishy… I subscribed both on xxxcupid, as well as sexsearch… First, I found it odd that there were the same profiles on there (but I was like hey… there’s not a whole lot of people to talk to, maybe these girls are doing the same thing I am) but then this “girl” that I had supposedly communicated with on search, sent me a message on xxxcupid… I asked her whether she didn’t recognize me since my profile was exactly the same, and she didn’t!

    I payed for 3 different 3 days trials (same thing happened to me than to curious 2010009 above). I am so mad!!!

  30. rob3950 says:

    thank you guys , i really appreciate your suggestion. therofore i am not paying money for this stupid website. some dating websites are fun like zooks. my suggestion to every one is do not use your full face photo, or do not post picture that has your face. may be you closed your account but they may still use your picture to lure other people. may be in near future you are settled down and some one you know ( your kids, or your siblings)
    may be a member and guess what they may use your picture to advertise. not only that they may put your cute and sexy face on some naked picture (copy paste) and after that things start to get worst.

    what i do is, i put my picture but before i post it i crop and i make sure my body is only there not my face.

    so ladies and gentel men be careful,

  31. Pete says:

    I just requested my money back from but they just send me a cancellation confirmation. At least I am not wasting anymore money but unfortunately I didn’t come here until the second woman I was talking to started acting weird.

    I just went through a painful divorce and was just looking for some attention. I find their service absolutely disgusting to the core!

  32. Lilly says:

    I’ve actually have an account with this xxxcupid site, and its all been free. When I signed up it said that I would become a Gold remember if I posted a picture. I did, but its really not revealing. So now I’ve been a Gold remember since Dec of 2010. Came to notice that there are many older men and they really weren’t my interest. They mainly were about 40 or 50 years older than me. But everything works fine. IM’s have recently worked well when I use my laptop. Although when replying back to a msg can take forever for the other person to receive. If you want to further your talk with someone off that site all you really need to do is send your phone number spelled out. For example: five five five. Like I said everything has been free, and I’m guessing that’s because I’m a female.I’d say overall experience is okay to good.

  33. Daniel says:

    Hey there, thanks for the informative review! I registered for a free account with XXXCupid just to see what it was (I haven’t handed over any credit card details). Am I ok to just leave it alone or do I need to cancel it to ensure I don’t get hassled for money? Any advice would be much appreciated!

  34. Chris says:

    Know of and free legit??? Especially if they BBW

  35. JiM says:

    Its a pleasant thought that someone is exposing these scam artist. Im new at this website sex scam thing but like u have done some homework. Im not stupid enough to give anyone my account info but am amazed by the bullshit thats out there! I commend u for ur efforts to expose these lowlifes. I find myself longing for the old days wen u could meet a horny woman in person & not have to worry about having ur bank account cleaned out! Ur fellow bullshit fighter crankydad.

  36. gregg w says:

    After getting a couple of come on emails the 1st couple of days I received only one legitimate email. The “recently viewed” pages and Cupid match pages never changed after then either. So you don’t think I’m just pumping up my own ego other sites I have tried had alot more action on them
    also the cupid page filters your emails even though there is a statement denying that. Any attempt to givve your personal contact info on an email is deleted. So how does one ever get laid on this site is a mystery to me.

  37. edwoods34 says:

    It is such an easy thing to do, I too made the mistake when I recieved the emails, and yes.. i paid my 30 bucks or something and have since cancelled my account. But what seems strange that there are ten+ pages of women in your area but none are ever “online now”. And their “message board” is always down. And the “chat” feature is to cams with paid models.. not even a messenger style chat room (which would b good). I am sure there are REAL girls out there and REAL guys out there just mixed in with the “online emissaries” which are trademarked bullshit. And gays probably more desperate and harder to find than other gays so it may work for you. But those hotties it is depressing to find out they are fake If you want my opinion – CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT and take down the company and everything they have scammed. We need to know in which country they operate, its is fraudulent not to mention damages. I hope they don’t keep billing me even tho my cancellation has been confirmed.
    Thanks for this forum
    At least as a site to vent you anger at those scumbags

  38. boogiebuddy01 says:

    ok so its a scam why is there not a single legit site out there for people who actually want to meet eachother?

  39. Jason says:

    This Site is a SCAM for SURE!!! Do not sign up for this BS

  40. 3zachary says:

    some 1 tell me how to delete xxxcupid account

  41. destroyer says:

    dont worry guys ima hacker. i am going to hack the site and take it down 🙂 itll take me about 2 weeks to go through their security protocols and firewalls but its all good. 15 years experience with computer programming is the best thing to ever happen to me lol

    • andrew says:

      DESTROYER!! IF u r for real, then god help me do it man.. I can’t believe that not only this company and all the fraudulent sister sites are all doing the same thing earning a fortune ripping people off.. WHY ISN”T THIS A BIGGER ISSUE AND WHY AREN”T THERE ANY LEGAL MATTERS PROCEEDING… ANOTHER ONE GUYS IS …… BENAUGHTY.COM……

      SUCH A SCAM IT’S SERIOUSLY BOTTOM OF THE LINE GARBAGE!! 99% of women are fake other than those small few you can weed out which i want nothing to do with.. DO IT DESTROYER! IF U R FOR REAL?

  42. Robbie says:

    I would gladly pay a smart and talented IT person to find out where the “chief” operator of this site is, and have someone else hired to FINISH him/her. Simple as that. ‘Scums of Earth’ like this should not be amongst the human population.

  43. jerome says:

    Be careful with, they NEVER allow you to delete a profile. And most of the emails you get are from the bots or people who are paid to keep you interested enough to pay the site to read the emails.


  44. Everything is very open with a very clear description of the challenges. It was truly informative. Your website is useful. Thank you for sharing!

  45. Bob says:

    I don’t know whether it’s just me or if everybody else experiencing issues
    with your blog. It appears as though some of the written text
    in your posts arre runnng off the screen. Can someone else please provide
    feedback and let me know if this is happening to them as
    well? This may be a issue with my internet browser
    because I’ve had this happen previously. Appreciate

  46. […] That probably doesn’t mean anything to you, but it’s the same company that runs several other sites, including,, and, which is another site I reviewed a while back. Here’s what I wrote about this company back then. […]

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