Did You Hear? Franklin Veaux wrote another book!

Posted: May 12, 2015 by Isaac Cross in Uncategorized

Hey everybody! Hopefully most of you, by now, have read “More Than Two“, the incredibly insightful book by Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert. If you haven’t, click on the book title in that last sentence, read my review, and then go buy yourself a copy. And THEN…

You can get super excited, as I am, about the upcoming release of his new book “The Game Changer: A Memoir of Disruptive Love” which is scheduled for public release on September 23, 2015 (You can pre-order the book by clicking on the link or the image below)


I just got my copy and I cannot wait to dive in. I will, of course, be writing a review here as soon as I am done reading it. For now, here is the official description:

Franklin and Celeste’s open marriage seemed perfectly safe—until the day Amber entered his life and showed them why the heart does not obey rules.

To make an open marriage work, Franklin and Celeste knew they needed to make sure no one else ever came between them. That meant there had to be rules. No overnights, no falling in love, and either one of them could ask the other to end an outside relationship if it became too much to deal with. It worked for nearly two decades—and their relentless focus on their own relationship let them turn a blind eye to the emotional wreckage they were leaving behind them.

The rules did not prepare them for Amber.“I have a question,” Amber would say. And whatever came next would send a wrecking ball through Franklin and Celeste’s comforting illusions. Amber was the first of Franklin’s polyamorous secondary partners to insist on being treated like a person, and the first to peel back the layers of insecurity and fear that surrounded their relationship. Amber was a game changer.

A game-changing relationship is one that uproots and redirects your life. It overthrows your assumptions about who you are and why. It awakens you to possibilities you’d never conceived of. It disrupts. And it is the unspoken elephant in the attractive showroom of polyamorous relationships.

This book is the true story of a game-changing relationship that changed not only Franklin and Celeste’s lives, but the face of the modern polyamory movement.

A game-changing relationship can happen to anyone. How will you handle it when it happens to you?

About the author:

Franklin Veaux is the co-author of “More Than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory” and the author of the top-ranked polyamory website morethantwo.com. He is also the creator of Onyx: The Game of Sexual Exploration and the co-founder of the Canadian high-tech sex toy company Tacit Pleasures. He has five partners and lives in Portland, Oregon, where he writes erotica and blogs about polyamory, BDSM, transhumanism, science and pseudoscience, and anything else that catches his attention.

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