Free Top/Dominant Intensive Weekend – For a Good Cause

Posted: April 16, 2015 by Isaac Cross in Events, Learn Something


To receive the address and attend the event, you must RSVP at the event page here. We will contact you through Fetlife.

Proceeds Benefit the CAL Project

No fee is required to attend, however there is a suggested $20 per day donation to cover the cost of food, beverage, and transportation (the XCBDSM team is coming down from Denver).

If you can’t afford the donation, please come anyway.

Additional proceeds from the event will benefit the “Center for Alternative Lifestyles”, a non-profit support and advocacy organization for the kink, non-monogamy, and LGBTQ communities. Learn more at


Saturday night, May 2nd, is a play party night at VooDoo Leatherworks. The XCBDSM team will all be there, so come and hang out with us. Attendees of the intensive are offered a discounted rate on memberships so they can try out some of what they learn or share their own skills with others. Directions to the center and discount coupons will be available at the intensive.


For the first time ever, we are proud to offer the full set of top/dominant intensive workshops in a single weekend.

XCBDSM, The House of Debauchery, and VooDoo Leatherworks are teaming up to bring two full days of BDSM education for those on the left side of the slash: The D’s in D/s and the T’s in top/bottom.

Whatever you already know about these subjects, whether you are new to kink or have been around for a while, we guarantee that you will find plenty of new ideas and information to take away from this weekend.

Do I Have To?

While attendance for the entirety of both days is not required, people are encouraged to attend everything, as each portion of the workshop is designed to build on concepts from the last. Coming in late or leaving early will make it more difficult to follow along.

You are not required to identify as a top or dominant to attend. However, the class topics are designed and intended for those who do, so please keep that in mind.

Day 1

The first day, Saturday May 2nd, is for “tops” and will focus on the play aspect. The title for this collection of workshops is “Topping with Confidence and Style”. We will spend the morning working through the concept of negotiating for scenes and how to effectively communicate before, during, and after. In the afternoon, we will talk about the risks and challenges of psychological play, including predicaments, mind fucks (deception), and emotional sadomasochism. Finally, we will spend the last part of the day talking about “drop” and aftercare.

Day 2

The second day, Sunday May 3rd, is for “dominants” and we will focus on the relationship aspect. The title for day 2 is “Effective and Affectionate Dominance”. The first subject we will tackle is the idea of serving your partner in your role as a dominant. Then, we will move into discussing some defining characteristics of submissive-oriented people and how to establish a power-exchange dynamic that serves everyone involved. In the afternoon, we will get into how to use your power in ethical and effective ways. We’ll talk about the differences between Protocols, Rules, Assignments, and Orders, as well as how to use each. Finally, we will go through our most requested topic: how to train and condition a submissive.

What To Bring

Those who attend the workshop are encouraged to bring with them an open mind and a willingness to discuss complicated and controversial topics in a civil manner. And paper. Bring paper to take notes.

Breaks will be taken as needed and lunch will be provided both days. We will have some gluten-free and dairy-free options for those that need it, but we cannot accommodate special food requests, so please bring your own lunch or snacks if you think that will be an issue.

Altogether, there will be a total of about 6-7 hours of class time each day, so bring whatever else you need to keep you happy and focused.


This is being hosted at someone’s home, The address will not be published, we will be contacting people who RSVP on the event page. They do have Cats and dogs, so people with allergies please be aware.


On the right of the slash? You are more than welcome to attend this workshop if you like, but be sure to join the XCBDSM group on Fetlife or subscribe to using the box on the upper-left of the page to receive the announcement of our submissive/bottoms intensive weekend later this year.

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