Review: XL Strength Magnetic Nipple Balls

Posted: March 11, 2015 by Jordyn in Reviews, Reviews (Product)

“Ooo magnets!!” was the thought I had when I stumbled across THESE bad boys on JT’s Stockroom. I have to admit, I’m a sucker for cool new toys and new tech (or, in this case, perverting rather old tech). I’m also a clip and clamp slut (seriously- I own like a hundred clothespins in varying tensions and sizes, plus I have a giant box of binder clips, hair clips and plastic clamps from the dollar store). So naturally, I had to snag ’em. Their $20-34 price tag also made them pretty appealing. I purchased the XL, heavy duty versions that apparently have a stronger, more intense attraction that’s only a couple bucks more.

JT’s had lightning fast shipping and they were in my hands in only a few days. In the words of an infamous heroine- Holy crap. These delivered as promised. Incredibly strong, actually able to attract to each other through my thumb and through some parts of my palm. These deliver a wonderfully intense pressure to any bit of skin you can squeeze between them. I’d actually like to purchase another set of these, to do interesting things to boy and girl junk with. I’ve got this vision now of magneting some poor woman’s pussy shut. I liked the smooth surface of these, instead of the bitey texture of some clamp’s pads. I feel like that made it so I was able to wear them a bit longer before crying uncle.

They’re wonderful on nipples, and it’s interesting to see what you can magnet shut or together with them. Word of caution though- DON’T use these near mouths (I know, I know, “but it would be so cool to magnet their mouth shut!!”). These are so strong that if two are swallowed, they can cause massive internal damage as they will be pulled together through vital organs. That’s actually why these types of magnetic balls are being legislated out of existence. Buckyballs (a set of tiny magnetic balls that you can build cool shapes with) specifically were made illegal in the US in 2012. Children have gotten hold of strong magnetic balls, eaten them, and then actually required surgery (or in one case, died) from the trauma caused by the magnets. If your bottom falls or chokes or laughs there’s a very real chance they could accidentally swallow a couple. True story- a 14 year old girl in the UK had to have emergency surgery after accidentally swallowing a few when holding them in her mouth and a friend made her laugh (see??). If you’ve got young kids, you might want to avoid purchasing these balls, or at least be hyper vigilant about storage. But c’mon, they’re essentially a sex toy. You don’t leave any other sex toys lying about, do you?

The other cons? They’re SO strong that they can be difficult to pry apart to use on someone, and then can actually be somewhat difficult to get off. I found that having slightly damp skin made them easier to pull off. You’ll also want to be very careful of accidental pinches- be hyper mindful of where each ball is so you don’t accidentally pinch a too-thin piece of skin. You also may just want to be aware that they will stick to anything in your toy kit that’s magnetic, so consider storing them in a pouch or tin in an outside pocket of your toy bag. I wish these had come in some sort of storage option instead of just the cheap plastic packaging for shipping. Be careful with these around your phones and computers, too!

Cons aside, I think these are a fun addition to your clamp arsenal. They’re pretty and unbulky, which is a nice plus. They’re discreet- they could be placed onto someone underneath their clothing before a public outing. Once on nipples they really just look like slightly large balls on a nipple piercing. The XL has about the same power of clover clamps. I did a side by side comparison on a blindfolded friend (for science!! Yeah, science…) and she couldn’t tell which type of clamp was on which nipple. All in all, I recommend picking yourself up a set soon!

Click here to get a set of your own.

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