Mark Your Calendars ~ Feb 7 Tops Intensive ~ Denver

Posted: December 26, 2014 by Isaac Cross in Events

Wanted to give you all a heads up about another full day intensive workshop that we will be offer in Denver on Saturday, February 7th. Mark your calendars. I’ll have all the relevant links posted once they’re ready.

Topping with Style and Confidence ~ A Full Day Intensive by XCBDSM

“Negotiating a Scene” will cover techniques and important tips for negotiating a scene. In this class, negotiation will consist of much more than a simply list of BDSM activities sorted into do’s and don’ts or likes and dislikes. The class address a number of aspects of negotiation often neglected by even experience BDSM players.

“Scene Communication and Connection” is an interactive discusses maintaining the balance between the exchange of energy and the exchange of information during BDSM scenes. We will overview effective communication, beginning with identifying and explaining your limits and continuing to methods of communicating before, during and after a scene takes place. We will also talk about how to establish and maintain the connection necessary to raise the intensity and pleasure of the experience for everyone.

“Mind Fucks, Terror, Predicaments, and Other Psychological S&M” will cover techniques, methodology, and motivations for psychological manipulation of a bottom, including Mind Fucks (strategic deception), Terror, or Predicaments. Playing with the brain can be fun, fulfilling, and exhilarating, but it is also dangerous. We’ll talk about managing risk and responding to problems.

“Subdrop and Aftercare” focuses on the phenomenon generally referred to as “subdrop” and methods of prevention and treatment. For the purposes of this class, subdrop will be defined as: A physical and/or emotional depression that can occur within hours or days after a particularly intense scene.

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