DENVER: Don’t Forget To Buy Your Tickets!

Posted: September 13, 2014 by Isaac Cross in Events, Learn Something



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Purchase Ticket Here –> Because we are providing food, and because we expect this event to sell out, You must either purchase in advance or call Winnie at 720-233-4703 to register.

There will be coffee/juice/bagels in the morning and lunch will be provided.

If you have questions or would like to receive a couple of emails to remind you when the class gets closer, just send me a message at

Effective and Affectionate Dominance – Full Day Intensive by Cross

Being the dominant partner in a relationship is about far more than knowing how to throw a flogger or order someone around. Dominance is a responsibility and requires a commitment to both personal development and ethical leadership. This full day intensive will address the following topics:

“Serving Your Partner as a Dominant” is about understanding that everyone in a healthy power-exchange relationship is ultimately in service to one another. Based partially on the work and writing of Robert Greenleaf and Master Skip Chasey, this course delves into the challenges of ethical leadership and maintaining a balance that prevents dominance from becoming abusive.

“Defining and Refining Submissive Roles” is Cross’s most popular workshop. This workshop will cover the results of a study detailing the motivations and desires of people who identify as “submissive”. The primary purpose will be to arm dominants with the information necessary to identify these traits in a submissive and to adjust accordingly.

“Protocol, Rules, Assignments, and Orders” will differentiate between different ways of exercising dominant authority. Understanding the differences between them and how to effectively use them is essential to living D/s.

“Training and Conditioning a Submissive” will explain one approach to the training of a submissive partner. Based heavily on theories of behavioral psychology, the class will teach theory and techniques for how to modify behavior and to foster and encourage their personal growth through training.

About Cross

Cross is a teacher, presenter, and alt-sex theorist from Denver, Colorado. With a background in psychology, Cross has focused his study and education on philosophical and psychological aspects of BDSM, but has also taught various skills and techniques in both structured and casual settings.

Cross presents workshops in the Denver area and around the US, from the Beyond Leather convention in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to the Northern Exposure regional conference in Anchorage, Alaska. He has also served as the Director of Educational Programming for the Denver Sanctuary, and the Dungeon Master Coordinator for Beyond Leather.

In December 2014, Cross will be presenting a 16 hours of workshops in San Francisco, California, including presentations at the SF Citadel and the Armory Studios, home of More Info Here

In addition to, which he owns and operates, Cross’s writing has been featured in a variety of publications and websites, including, where he serves as a staff writer.

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