Giving Thanks Before Thanksgiving

Posted: November 24, 2010 by Isaac Cross in Uncategorized

Hey everybody, no big post today, I just wanted to throw up a quick post to say thank you to everyone who has helped to grow this site, from my friends and family who support me (and sometimes write articles for me) and the readers who visit the site regularly.

Thanks to your support, I was recently listed on WordPress’s Blog of the Day on Nov 22 as their 39th fastest growing site.

I had more visitors to the site in 36 hours this weekend than I had in the entire month of July.

So thank again everybody, I hope to keep contributing content that you find worth your time. Keep the suggestions and questions coming, they’re a big help when I can’t think what to write about.

Some upcoming (hopefully) posts:

1. Submissive Roles, Part 3 – Analysis
2. Trust Makes Me Horny
3. Examining Emotions: Gender Equality

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