Birthday Abduction: Preparation and Execution

Posted: October 4, 2010 by Isaac Cross in Uncategorized

This post is about the preparation for my wife’s birthday abduction and the thing itself. All the details of what we did with her after we got to the destination will be posted in a day or so.

8 Weeks To Go

I decide on an abduction scene for Rain’s birthday. I start research. I go to a class on abductions, I ask her the occasional question that is both relevant to the situation, but also relevant to this scene. I take a lot of notes. I also ask her to put together a list of people she wants to play with or is willing to play with, if I should decide to bring them into a scene one day. She thinks I am asking because of her choice to sign herself over to me as a slave. She’s half right, but the deadline I set is for the purpose of organizing this scene.

4 Weeks To Go

I invite the participants. A few that I wanted can’t make it. A few others back out when I set the terms. In the end, 10 people are selected for the team.

2 Weeks To Go

I set the schedule for the day, including a morning briefing that will be required for most of the participants.

1Week Ago

I call everyone and have a conversation about what they have that they can bring and what they will want to do.

5 Days To Go

I make sure that my boss remembers to give me the day off.

4 Days To Go

I put up a website with information for the team. I update and expand this over the rest of the week.

3 Days To Go

I continue to check in with everyone. They seem excited and nervous.

2 Days To Go

I verify all the logistics. I arrange to get keys to the space and drive by the abduction site several times.

1 Day to go

I get as much sleep as possible in the morning. I won’t be sleeping that night, as I will be agonizing over the last few details that I haven’t yet decided.


I finish the 10-page briefing packet that will be given to each of the participants. It lays out the plan for the day, as well as sets the boundaries for each participant.


I drive past the  site I had selected for the abduction. I reaffirm with myself that it was secluded enough and discreet enough to be safe, yet public enough to feel real. Hardly any cars there right now. Hopefully it stays that way.


I arrive at the place where she will be taken. My newest submissive trainee is already there with food and an energy drink for me. Soon everyone else arrives. Only one person is missing, and I had known about it before so that’s ok. We go through the events of the day. I explain all the safety precautions and some of the reasoning behind my choices. We laugh and talk and joke. Everyone is nervous. They need to connect with each other and feel confident. They need to connect with me so that they can look to me for guidance when the time comes. We have a long day ahead of us.

We move outside and set up the vehicles in the way they will be for the abduction. I enlist a stunt-bottom to stand in for the victim. They practice the abduction with a couple of different variable. Our demo-victim was “abducted” about a dozen times.

I have to get back home. They continue setting-up and practicing after I’ve left.


I get txt updates all day. I make plans with her that I know will not happen. We decide on a movie and what time we will go to dinner.


She gets home from lunch with her mother. We start to get ready for the evening that she thinks is coming.


We leave the house. I txt the abduction team with an ETA.


I txt the team letting them know that I am on final approach.

5: 34pm

We park a couple space to the right of a white mini-van. I “realize” that I have left a coupon for the movie in the car and send her back to it. She goes to the driver’s side of the car, just as we had expected. And I see the abduction team begin to move.

Oh no. Instead of opening the door and leaning in, she has sat down in the driver’s seat to look. The team aborts their approach and resets. I yell to her that I have found it in my pocket. She sighs and get back out of the car. As she nears me again, the first of the team approaches her from behind. This isn’t right, but it’s the best we can do. She turns around just in time to see him before he pulls the hood over her head. The others on on her in moments and she is tossed into the back of the van. They pile in on top of her and I shut the door of the van as they pull out of the lot and drive away.

I wave at another one of us up on the top of a nearby parking structure and wait for another to come out from the bushes. No one else is in sight. No witnesses, no issues. Good.

I get a txt that the hair in her face is triggering her, bringing up memories and fears from a bad scene in her past, a demo that she had been a part of with a famous presenter. I send them instructions on compensating for it.

5:50 pm

The person from the bushes is driving my car. When we catch up with the team, I get in the front passenger seat of the van and direct them to remove all of her clothes as we continue driving.

I also call the site team to let them know we would be arriving soon.


Right on schedule, we arrive at the site. She is pulled from the van and dropped on the concrete floor.

The rest will be posted in the next entry.

  1. subboy57 says:

    Very exciting…can’t wait for the next entry!

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