New Piercing Method

Posted: July 24, 2010 by Isaac Cross in About Me, Learn Something, Life Log, Technique

UPDATE 7/26/10: In response to questions I have been receiving: The needle was removed from the sterile packaging immediately before the piercing, manipulated using medical tools, and inserted into skin that had been cleansed. I took all appropriate precautions to ensure that the procedure was safe to my standards. But let’s be clear. No piercing is 100% safe, no matter what lengths you go to. There will always be risk of infection, scarring, nerve damage, pain, bleeding, and bruising. Everyone must determine their own Risk Profile. This scene was within acceptable levels of risk for both myself and my bottom.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled post </update>:

Wow, I had some fun last night. I’ve been itching to try something since Thunder a couple weeks ago.

I saw a presentation on “Needles for Bondage” by Tony Buff and Derek Desilva.

One of the techniques he presented was bending the needle to create a fishhook shape. It gave me an idea, which I shared with them later that day, to use a similar technique to create a corkscrew shape.

The hope was to be able to pierce the tip through, rotate it through the skin, and then pierce again, creating two attachment points in the skin and one point between them to attach a string to. On the picture, the two low points would be in the skin and the center high point would be where the thread would tie.

This did not work, however. The needle was not long enough to create a wide enough arch in the needle to facilitate a second piercing. Instead, I pierced only once and left the other two points for string attachments.

So, while there are some limitations, the technique proved promising. I think that with a longer needle, perhaps 3 inches or so.

With that challenge, I tried a different way, creating more of a W shape.

This shape was far easier to put into the skin and achieved the desired effect very well.

Thanks a lot to my test bottom for being willing to let me try something untested on her. I’m looking forward to revising the technique in he future.

  1. carina says:

    interesting, i like it 🙂

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