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WhiskeyGinger (they/them pronouns) is a demisexual, pansexual, genderqueer, high femme, polyamorous, submissive, masochistic, Rope Power Bottom. Whiskey loves the emotional and spiritual growth that rope, authority exchange relationships, Leather community, and kink education involvement can bring. After stepping into the kink community in 2015, Whiskey has had the honor of serving as a member of the educational committee for Hitchin’ Bitches Denver, Secretary for the Denver Rope Bite Board of Directors, Educational Liaison team for Bondage Expo Denver, and as a volunteer for Colorado Leather Fest and Dark Odyssey: Surrender.

Whiskey currently leads a monthly discussion group for any one interested in getting tied up (VERB – VERY ENGAGED ROPE BOTTOMING), and co-facilitates Bendy Bottoms a flexibility and conditioning class for rope bottoms of all genders, bodies sizes, and physical ability levels. They also bottom for private rope lessons, community workshops, public rope bondage performances, photo shoots, and kink conferences including Thunder in the Mountains, Sin in the City, and Kinkfest. Teaching about consent culture, Bottom and submissive empowerment, self-compassion, and competent communication fuels them.

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Offered Classes

(Contact us for custom topics or irregular session times)

Class Times are 2-3 hours each

“Welcome to the community new submissive!” – Co-taught with Mtngrrl

This workshop will cover a variety of topics including: Protocols, Community Expectations,Vetting Tops, What to expect at a play party, Negotiation, Safe Calls, Sub frenzy, Sub space, Sub drop, Triggers, De-briefing and after care. While this workshop is geared towards new submissives, those with more experience are encouraged to join us to share your experience and maybe even learn something new!

We want those of the “s-type” to be able to freely ask questions. If you are on the left side of the slash i.e. a Dominant, Owner, Master, etc, please avoid “Dom-splaining” or questions relating to your education as a Dominant. We strive to provide education for submissives by submissives and to maintain the integrity of this class as much as possible while also welcoming Dominants to attend!

“So you want to get tied up?” – Rope Bottoming 101 by Whiskey Ginger

With the growing popularity of Shibari there are plenty of educational opportunities for Tops who want to tie people up. When entering the kink community as someone who wants to get tied up, finding education aimed at you can be a bit daunting! Whiskey Ginger is here to help out by providing a class for rope bottoms taught by a rope bottom! In this workshop we will cover rope lingo, safety, networking for play partners, vetting potential Tops, and community resources for bottoms. Strong emphasis is placed on communication, bottom-led negotiation, and clear consent processes!

Ongoing Events

Bendy Bottoms – 2 hour bi-weekly class at Studio Friction, Denver, Colorado

Terms like Active Bottoming, engaged bottom, responsible bottom, body-aware, and fit/flexible/bendy are often brought up when talking about what a “good rope bottom” brings to the table for their Top. What does this mean when it comes to preparing your body for the strain of rope play? There are tons of physical training options out there, but what most efficiently prepares your mind-body connection, core strength, and flexibility specifically for rope? Whiskey and her co-facilitator are here to help students find these answers!

This class is based on traditional Mongolian Contortion Technique and aims to help students sustainably stretch, strengthen, grow somatic awareness, increase ability to process pain, and prevent injuries! We will start where you are at and gradually push you to explore your body. Change will come quickly!

Open to all body sizes, genders, abilities, sexual identities, Tops, Bottoms, Switches, etc! Though the class is aimed at supporting Bottoms, everyone can benefit from this all levels class! Tops are highly encouraged to join!

VERB – VERY ENGAGED ROPE BOTTOMING – 2 hour monthly discussion group, co-facilitated by Betwixtblushes

A monthly discussion group for ANYONE that is interested in getting tied up. Bottoms, switches with their bottoming hats on, and those brand new to the world of rope play are all welcome! Please note that this a space exclusively for those bottoms, this is not a space for Tops! This event is held in a private residence and those interested in attending need to contact WhiskeyGinger or Betwixtblushes on fetlife or Brittney Ginger on facebook for the address. 

Upcoming Events

  • Teaching  “So you want to get tied up?” – Rope Bottoming 101 by Whiskey Ginger at the Right Side of the Slash Intensive at Denver’s Dangerous Theater, April 1st at 2 PM

  • Co-teaching with Athena at Colorado Leather Fest:

  • Keeping Your TPE SSC
  • M/s and Feminism – Practicing Fundamental Equality in Unequal Relationships
  • Teaching  “So you want to get tied up?” – Rope Bottoming 101 by Whiskey Ginger and ‘Welcome to the community new submissive” with Mtngrrl at Behind Closed Doors in October 2018