Author/Presenter: Whiskey Ginger

A list of classes offered by Whiskey Ginger can be found here.

WhiskeyGinger (they/them pronouns) is a demisexual, pansexual, genderqueer, high femme, polyamorous, submissive, masochistic, Rope Power Bottom. Whiskey loves the emotional and spiritual growth that rope, authority exchange relationships, Leather community, and kink education involvement can bring. After stepping into the kink community in 2015, Whiskey has had the honor of serving as a member of the educational committee for Hitchin’ Bitches Denver, Secretary for the Denver Rope Bite Board of Directors, Educational Liaison team for Bondage Expo Denver, and as a volunteer for Colorado Leather Fest and Dark Odyssey: Surrender.


Whiskey currently leads a monthly discussion group for any one interested in getting tied up (VERB – VERY ENGAGED ROPE BOTTOMING), and co-facilitates Bendy Bottoms a flexibility and conditioning class for rope bottoms of all genders, bodies sizes, and physical ability levels. They also bottom for private rope lessons, community workshops, public rope bondage performances, photo shoots, and kink conferences including Thunder in the Mountains, Sin in the City, and Kinkfest. Teaching about consent culture, Bottom and submissive empowerment, self-compassion, and competent communication fuels them.





Current/Previous Presentations:

Denver area kink experience – demo-bottom, performer, educator,
volunteer, organizer:
2016 – 2017 – Organizer and Education Liaison, Bondage Expo Denver
2016 – 2017 Secretary, Denver Rope Bite Board of Directors
2016 – 2018 – Demo Bottom and Educator, Denver Rope Bite
2017 – Demo Bottom, Denver Bound School
2017 – Educational Committee Member, Hitchin’ Bitches Denver
2017 – Organizer of the unofficial Bondage Expo Denver Queer Rope Social
2017 – 2018 – Creator/ Instructor – So you want to get tied up? Rope Bottoming 101 by
2017 – 2018 – Founder and co-facilitator of VERB – VERY ENGAGED ROPE BOTTOMING –
monthly discussion group for rope bottoms and rope switches with their bottoming hat on
2017 – 2018 – Public Rope Bondage Performance and demos – Bottoming for SNoB,
pandoradreams, Princess-Yum-Yum, RopesInspireMe, BoundFrenzy, Levi-Otter Healy,
MisterBacon, VoldsamAmore, MurphyBlue, and CreativeMayhem
2018 – Founder and Organizer of Kink Connection – A monthly kinky day play party and
educational event for folks new to kink
2018 – Co-creator and co-facilitator: “Welcome to the community new submissive!” with
mtngrrl for Master Grey’s STEPS program at Denver Sanctuary
2018 – Co-founder and co-facilitator of Bendy Bottoms – Flexibility and strength conditioning class
for rope bottoms or any kinkcter that wants to condition their body!
2018 – Organizing and creating Boulder Rope Weekend by MisterBacon – rope intensive for
students of all levels, primarily focused on people new to rope bondage
2018 – Co-facilitating Keeping Your TPE SS&C and M/s and Feminism – Practicing Fundamental
Equality in Unequal Relationships

Demo-Bottom for instructors at national conferences:
2016 – Thunder in the Mountains – January Frost – Sensual Domination
2017 – Sin in the City – SNoB – Not-So-Sensual Bondage: Putting the Hurt On and Bondage for a
Beat Down: Rope Bondage to Facilitate Impact Play
2017 – Kinkfest – SNoB – Bondage for a Beat Down: Rope Bondage to Facilitate Impact Play
2017 – Thunder in the Mountains – Shay and Stefanos – Conference Orientation and Precipice
(edge play class)
2017 Bondage Expo Denver – knot_head – Non-rope Bondage

Conference Volunteer:
2017 – Colorado Leather Fest – Classroom Monitor and Educator Liaison
2017 – Bondage Expo Denver – Dungeon and Hardpoint set-up with Pink Fork Mafia
2017 – Dark Odyssey: Surrender – supporting Shay, KinkySphinx, and Programming Team

Rope Bondage Model for Photography:
Tops/Riggers: pandoradreams, CreativeMayhem, SNoB, knot_head, MurphyBlue, The_Silence
Photographers: Gmark, knot_head, The_Silence