Preview: Playing Under The Influence

Posted: December 30, 2014 by Isaac Cross in Uncategorized

A Quick Preview of Tomorrow’s Article, which will go live at 9am MST tomorrow, New Years Eve.

“Don’t play intoxicated.”

There’s a three word sentence virtually guaranteed to start some heated arguments in a group of kinksters. For some, Playing high or tipsy is the antithesis of safe or sane, and is something to be avoided at all costs. It’s a huge no-no for many (a limit, even) and is viewed as very irresponsible. For others, it’s a way to augment a good time, something that might happen spontaneously or helps relax them and provides lubrication to higher states of being . They know their limits and are okay with the risk taking that goes with playing under the influence.

Personally, I lie in the middle-ish ground. I have played tipsy and high, both as a bottom and as a top. But I also think that playing under the influence can be extremely dangerous, and I hesitate to engage in that type of play often. I know a lot of readers are going postal that I might have topped while not fully in my head, or freaking because I’ve bottomed intoxicated. “But Jordyn, how the fuck do you know what you’re doing?? How can this and you possibly be safe??” Hold the judgments for a while- explore your discomfort with me, and let’s check in at the end again, okay?

Tune in tomorrow for the full article. 

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